New and Altered Rules Systems

Errata - This page contains general house rule variants and modifications post-publication of the other rules below.

The Old Rules Page - The page that was here from the beginning, in case you miss it.  Very little current information.

New Feats - Repeated from the old rules page, but any further new feats will be added here, not in the old rules page.

Negative Levels - The rules change I made to negative levels and then never got to use.  Perhaps more wights ahead?

Point Buy Basic Rules - The basic system for the point buy rules that we are currently using, if you have forgotten them.

Point Buy Special Abilties - The special abilities for point buy, from the players handbook classes and gem rules as well.

Point Buy Prestige Abilities - The special abilites from the DMG prestige classes and also for divine agent, just for you.

Point Buy Magic Item Creation - The rules for creating items under point buy.  Not that anyone but Nalole uses them.

Skill Checks - I know none of you have likely forgotten them, but I want to include them purely for completeness' sake.

Resources - My new system for how to keep track of your individual and family resources instead of just DM-fiating it.

Crafting Rules - My coherent system for updating the crafting rules for craft skills.  Probably to be long in development.

New Domains - The revised, improved system for clerical domains for Church & State and to be used in Blood & Iron