Modified Domains for Church & State and Blood & Iron

Characters with a domain get the listed benefit and access to all spells listed at each level as was previously available to the one spell listed for each level.

  Fire +1 Caster Level to All Fire Spells, gains Fire/Heat Resistance 5

  1. Flare or Light
  2. Burning Hands or Flame Bolt
  3. Produce Flame or Flaming Sphere
  4. Resist Elements or Flame Arrow
  5. Wall of Fire or Fireball
  6. Fire Shield or Flame Strike
  7. Fire Seeds or Fire Trap
  8. Fire Storm or Destruction
  9. Incendiary Cloud or Delayed Blast Fireball
  10. Elemental Swarm

  Air +1 Caster Level to all Air Spells, gains Cold Resistance 5

  1. Guidance or Light
  2. Obscuring Mist or Entropic Shield
  3. Wind Wall or Whispering Wind
  4. Gaseous Form or Gust of Wind
  5. Air Walk or Quench
  6. Control Winds or Sending
  7. Repulsion or Wind Walk
  8. Wall of Force or Reverse Gravity
  9. Whirlwind or Summon Monster VIII
  10. Elemental Swarm

  Healing +1 Caster Level to all Healing Spells, +Caster Level HP Healed each day

  1. Cure Minor Wounds or Disrupt Undead
  2. Cure Light Wounds or Aid
  3. Cure Moderate Wounds or Lesser Rest.
  4. Cure Serious Wounds or Remove Disease
  5. Cure Critical Wounds or Neutralize Poison
  6. Healing Circle or Restoration
  7. Heal or Raise Dead
  8. Regenerate or Greater Restoration
  9. Mass Heal or Resurrection
  10. True Resurrection

  Water +1 Caster Level to all Water Spells, Water Breathing

  1. Create Water or Purify Food and Drink
  2. Bless Water or Obscuring Mist
  3. Fog Cloud or Delay Poison
  4. Water Breathing or Water Walk
  5. Control Water or Neutralize Poison
  6. Wall of Ice or Ice Storm
  7. Cone of Cold or Find the Path
  8. Summon Monster VII or Acid Fog
  9. Horrid Wilting or Summon Monster VIII
  10. Elemental Swarm

  Earth +1 Caster Level to all Earth Spells, +10 Balance Bonus

  1. Resistance or Virtue
  2. Magic Stone or Protection from Arrows
  3. Soften Earth and Stone or Endurance
  4. Stone Shape or Meld into Stone
  5. Spike Stones or Stoneskin
  6. Wall of Stone or Transmute Rock to Mud
  7. Move Earth or Transmute Rock to Mud
  8. Flesh to Stone or Stone to Flesh
  9. Iron Body or Earthquake
  10. Elemental Swarm

  Destruction Smite 1/day (+4 Attack, +Caster Level to Damage on a successful hit)

  1. Inflict Minor Wounds or Resistance
  2. Inflict Light Wounds or Invis. to Undead
  3. Inflict Moderate Wounds or Shatter
  4. Inflict Serious Wounds or Contagion
  5. Inflict Critical Wounds or Poison
  6. Circle of Doom or Slay Living
  7. Harm or Circle of Death
  8. Disintegrate or Destruction
  9. Horrid Wilting or Finger of Death
  10. Implosion

  Magic Use Magic Device is Class Skill, +10 circumstance bonus to Use Magic Device and Spellcraft

  1. Detect Magic or Read Magic
  2. Magic Missile or Identify
  3. Arcane Lock or Obscure Object
  4. Dispel Magic or Invisibility Purge
  5. Minor Globe of Invuln. or Remove Curse
  6. Spell Resistance or Wall of Force
  7. Greater Dispelling or Analyze Dweomer
  8. Spell Turning or Globe of Invulnerability
  9. Protection from Spells or Mord.’s Sword
  10. Miracle

  Sun Greater Turning 1/day, Low Light Vision, Immune to magical Blindness

  1. Light or Disrupt Undead
  2. Endure Elements or Detect Undead
  3. Heat Metal or Daylight
  4. Searing Light or Halt Undead
  5. Fire shield or Death Ward
  6. Flame Strike or Hallow
  7. Fire Seeds or Greater Dispelling
  8. Sunbeam or Banishment
  9. Sunburst or Horrid Wilting
  10. Prismatic Sphere

  Crafts +1 CL for Conjurations, Can spend spell for bonus to Craft rolls (equal to level spent +1)

  1. Mending or Create Water
  2. Magic Weapon or Endure Elements
  3. Continual Flame or Make Whole
  4. Remove Curse or Greater Magic Weapon
  5. Minor Creation or Repel Vermin
  6. Fabricate or Major Creation
  7. Disintegrate or Stone Shape
  8. Drawmij’s Instant Summons or Vanish
  9. Polymorph Any Object or Maze
  10. Refuge

  Plant +1 Caster Level for Plant Spells, +10 Bonus to Wilderness Lore and Hide (When in the wild)

  1. Detect Poison or Know Direction
  2. Entangle or Pass Without Trace
  3. Barkskin or Tree Shape
  4. Plant Growth or Speak with Plants
  5. Control Plants or Antiplant Shell
  6. Wall of Thorns or Tree Stride
  7. Repel Wood or Transport via Plants
  8. Changestaff or Transmute Metal to Wood
  9. Command Plants or Repel Metal or Stone
  10. Shambler

  Animal +1 Caster Level of Animal Spells, +10 Bonus to Handle Animal and Animal Empathy

  1. Animal Friendship or Invisibility to Animals
  2. Calm Animals or Magic Fang
  3. Hold Animal or Charm Person or Animal
  4. Dominate Animal or Speak with Animal
  5. Repel Vermin or Greater Magic Fang
  6. Commune with Nature or Animal Growth
  7. Antilife Shell or Awaken
  8. Creeping Doom or Giant Vermin
  9. Animal Shapes or Repel Metal or Stone
  10. Shapechange

  Weather +20 bonus to any rolls to avoid adverse weather conditions, +10 Knowledge: Meteorology bonus

  1. Light or Create Water
  2. Obscuring Mist or Entropic Shield
  3. Fog Cloud or Whispering Wind
  4. Call Lightning or Sleet Storm
  5. Ice Storm or Leomund’s Secure Shelter
  6. Control Winds or Cloudkill
  7. Chain Lightning or Control Weather
  8. Move Earth or Acid Fog
  9. Whirlwind or Meteor Swarm
  10. Storm of Vengeance

   War Martial Weapon Prof. (All) or Weapon Prof. and Focus (one).

  1. Resistance or Virtue
  2. Magic Weapon (X), Divine Favor (X), Bless (Z), or Remove Fear (Z)
  3. Spiritual Weapon (Y), Bull’s Strength (X), or Shield Other (Z)
  4. Dispel Magic (Y), Magic Vestment (X), or Prayer (Z)
  5. Greater Magic Weapon (Y), Divine Power (X), or Tongues (Z)
  6. Mark of Justice (Y), Flame Strike (X), or Healing Circle (Z)
  7. Blade Barrier (Y), Greater Dispelling (X), or Heroes’ Feast (Z)
  8. Mass Haste (Y), Power Word Stun (X), or Move Earth (Z)
  9. Earthquake (Y), Power Word Blind (X), or Mass Heal (Z)
  10. Power Word Kill (X) or Screen (Z)

 Protection Protective Ward (Bonus to next Save =Caster Level 1/day)

  1. Resistance or Virtue
  2. Sanctuary or Endure Elements
  3. Shield Other or Resist Elements
  4. Magic Vestment or Protection from Elements
  5. Spell Immunity or Death Ward
  6. Spell Resistance or Stoneskin
  7. Antimagic Field or Forbiddance
  8. Repulsion or Guards and Wards
  9. Mind Blank or Protection from Spells
  10. Prismatic Sphere

  Trickery +10 circumstance Bonus to Bluff, Hide, and Move Silently

  1. Prestidigitation or Ghost Sound
  2. Change Self or Expeditious Retreat
  3. Misdirection or Mirror Image
  4. Nondetection or Suggestion
  5. Confusion or Polymorph Other
  6. False Vision or Seeming
  7. Mislead or Mass Suggestion
  8. Screen or Phase Door
  9. Polymorph Any Object or Otto’s Irr. Dance
  10. Time Stop

  Death Permanently benefits from Death Ward, immune to negative levels, and won’t become undead

  1. Detect Poison or Disrupt Undead
  2. Doom or Deathwatch
  3. Deathknell or Spectral Hand
  4. Negative Energy Prot. or Gentle Repose
  5. Death Ward or Phantasmal Killer
  6. Slay Living or Circle of Doom
  7. Circle of Death or Antilife Shell
  8. Destruction or Control Undead
  9. Trap the Soul or Greater Restoration
  10. Soul Bind

  Luck Good Fortune (reroll any roll 1/day), Sense Fate and Fortune at will

  1. Guidance or Mending
  2. Entropic Shield or True Strike
  3. Augury or Resist Elements
  4. Protection from Elements or Dispel Magic
  5. Freedom of Movement or Divination
  6. Break Enchantment or Dispel Alignment
  7. Contingency or Greater Dispelling
  8. Spell Turning or Limited Wish
  9. Discern Location or Symbol
  10. Time Stop

  Emotion +10 Will save vs. all attempts to magically change emotions of the priest

  1. Resistance or Virtue
  2. Remove Fear or Charm Person
  3. Enthrall or Calm Emotions
  4. Suggestion or Charm Monster
  5. Confusion or Emotion
  6. Dominate Person or Break Enchantment
  7. True Seeing or Mass Suggestion
  8. Antipathy or Power Word Stun
  9. Mind Blank or Sympathy
  10. Dominate Monster

  Prosperity +10 bonus to Charisma rolls to attract sexual partners, +10 to Fort vs. diseases

  1. Resistance or Virtue
  2. Sleep or Charm Person
  3. Endurance or Delay Poison
  4. Remove Disease or Neutralize Poison
  5. Status or Polymorph Self
  6. Scrying or Break Enchantment
  7. Heal or Forbiddance
  8. Regenerate or Mord.’s Mag. Mansion
  9. Mind Blank or Mass Charm
  10. Summon Monster IX

  Growth Immune to Effects that would cause the priest to shrink or lose mass (e.g. Horrid Wilting)

  1. Purify Food and Drink or Detect Poison
  2. Enlarge or Entangle
  3. Spike Growth or Endurance
  4. Plant Growth or Remove Disease
  5. Giant Vermin or Control Plants
  6. Animal Growth or Wall of Thorns
  7. Liveoak or Heroes’ Feast
  8. Changestaff or Regenerate
  9. Command Plants or Polymorph Any Object
  10. Miracle

  Gate +10 Open Locks bonus, gains +2 bonus to all d20 rolls when standing in a doorway or portal

  1. Open/Close or Detect Magic
  2. Hold Portal or Detect Secret Doors
  3. Knock or Rope Trick
  4. Glyph of Warding or Blink
  5. Dimensional Anchor or Dimension Door
  6. Dismissal or Passwall
  7. Teleport or Banishment
  8. Plane Shift or Phase Door
  9. Greater Planar Ally or Teleport w/o Error
  10. Gate

  Judgement +10 Sense Motive bonus, True Strike 1/day vs. anyone who wounded the priest in the last day

  1. Detect Poison or Arcane Mark
  2. Sanctuary or Ray of Enfeeblement
  3. Hold Person or Zone of Truth
  4. Searing Light or Dispel Magic
  5. Discern Lies or Dimensional Anchor
  6. True Seeing or Mark of Justice
  7. Atonement or Geas/Quest
  8. Forcecage or Greater Dispelling
  9. Mind Blank or Discern Location
  10. Imprisonment

  Travel Fast Movement, Freedom of Movement at will for 1 round/day

  1. Create Water or Purify Food and Drink
  2. Expeditious Retreat or Endure Elements
  3. Locate Object or Endurance
  4. Fly or Phantom Steed
  5. Dimension Door or Leo.’s Secure Shelter
  6. Teleport or Plane Shift
  7. Find the Path or Heroes’ Feast
  8. Teleport w/o Error or Mord.’s Mag. Mans.
  9. Etherealness or Discern Location
  10. Astral Projection

  Knowledge +1 CL for Divinations, Can spend spell for bonus to Knowledge rolls (equal to level spent +1)

  1. Detect Magic or Detect Poison
  2. Detect Secret Doors or Detect Undead
  3. Find Traps or Augury
  4. Detect Scrying or Locate Object
  5. Divination or Status
  6. True Seeing or Contact Other Plane
  7. Find the Path or Locate Creature
  8. Legend Lore or Analyze Dweomer
  9. Discern Location or Vision
  10. Foresight

  Time Unaffected by harmful time effects (slow, time stop, etc.), always knows correct time

  1. Guidance or Mending
  2. Feather Fall or Invisibility to Undead
  3. Hold Person or Make Whole
  4. Haste or Slow
  5. Freedom of Movement or Death Ward
  6. Hold Monster or Permanency
  7. Mass Haste or Contingency
  8. Disintegrate or Regenerate
  9. Time Stop or Horrid Wilting
  10. Temporal Stasis

  Strength Feat of Strength 1/day (add Caster Level to Strength for one round)

  1. Resistance or Mage Hand
  2. Endure Elements or Divine Favor
  3. Bull’s Strength or Shatter
  4. Magic Vestment or Divine Power
  5. Spell Immunity or Polymorph Self
  6. Righteous Might or Stoneskin
  7. Bigby’s Forceful Hand or Tenser’s Transfor.
  8. Bigby’s Grasping Hand or Regeneration
  9. Bigby’s Clenched Fist or Iron Body
  10. Bigby’s Crushing Hand