Players in the Drama of the Game

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Player Characters, Present and Past (Updated 229)

Those with hands on the reins of fate, as it was put by a strange old man, these handful of mortals seem to be fully astride the changes that are happening to the city of Nostervium, guiding it towards some greater destiny, or perhaps plunging it headlong towards a deadfall.  Only time will tell whether their choices have been the right ones.

LyalLyal Moonthorn

Player: Robert

Profession: Priest of Drandth; Carpenter, Engineer, Toymaker, Painter, Papermaker, Stringmaker, Scholar

Appearance: A 6'5" tall man of 215 pounds, wearing his black hair short and bearded about his blue-gray eyes, offsetting his pale skin.
Age: 33 (Born 1 Drant, 195CE)

Family: Eldest Child of Peryanai and Fytal Moonthorn.
Marriage/Children: Married to Rabetai, Father of Eral, Valetai, Lybert, Rheala, and Lyon.
Apprentices:  Elseth Moonthorn; Nalolon Goldmere

vharachtheVharachthe Crystaldawn et Windsong

Player: Jessica

Profession: Master Bard and Harpist; Soapmaker, Leatherworker, Silkmaker, Dragon Scholar, Kabuki Dancer

Appearance: A 6'6" woman of 130 pounds, wearing her black hair long and often in braids, offsetting her emerald green eyes and framing her pointed ears.  Her complexion, as an elf, is alabaster in Winter and becomes tanned to a deep bronze in Summer.  Likewise, her hair tends to become a light charcoal gray during the summer, fading back to black in winter.
Age: 36 (Born 1 Reav, 193 CE), looks like a human of 27 or so

Family: Eldest Daughter of Rhiksal and Tyela Windsong.
Marriage/Children: Married to Rhikust Crystaldawn, Mother of Stephelea, Rourna, Corocha, Ieseleui, Rheoka, Ricalne, Elsnane, Vahlhur, Ricit, and two Unnamed Children.
Apprentices:  Eslheim Silverdust

Nalole Nalole Bonecry (Stormcry)

Player: Aren

Profession: Headmaster of the Nostervium Magic Academy, Council Wizard of the Third Circle; Alchemist; Glassmaker; Engineer, Tanner, Carpenter, Scribe, Sailor; Armorsmith, Blacksmith, Haberdasher, Leatherworker, Mason, Papermaker, Tailor, Tanner, Weaponsmith, Scholar, Body Artist, Chef, Farmer, Gunner, Herbalist, Mechanic, Vintner, City Records Master, and other things

Appearance: A 5'9" tall man of 140 pounds, his long red hair and beard offsetting his green eyes and pale skin.
Age: 33 (Born 18 Drant, 195 CE); Nalole's apparent age is frozen in his early thirties due to his Timeless Body.

Family: Eldest and Only Son of Tyith and Valethe Bonecry
Marriage/Children: Married to Yallea Stormraven, Father of Arelea, Elsnolai, Iesal, Sejal, Lasela, Arechue, and Erdranai
Apprentices:  Nloiana, Preur, and Nolna Stormraven; Yalle Cragwalker and Elskrai Blacksteel; Arelea Stormcry, Elsnolai Stormcry, Cohrithe Bonecry, Regyana Stormraven, Eslelea Moonthorn, Ravechthe Moonthorn, and any number of other children at the academy.

Sebrand Sebrand Flamewolf

Player: Rob H.

Profession: Headmaster of the Nostervium War Academy, Warrior (former Squire Knight of Kent); Bowmaker, Tanner, Sheriff, Engineer, Miner

Appearance: A man of 6'4" and 264 pounds, wearing his red hair cut to military precision and in a close cropped beard (at least until he needs another haircut), his eyes are green and his skin is pale.
Age: 35 (Born 01 Thallacant, 193 CE)

Family: None in the city.
Marriage/Children: Married to Varlea Whitesnow, Father of Corele, Pheur, Esselian, Stefach, Bessalue, Coruhrue, and Brandtert
Apprentices:  Nolina Darkblood and Vhakra Flamewolf; Rabal Darkblood and Ricacta Stormraven, and any number of other children at the academy.

RavheimRavheim Windsong et Cragwalker

Player: Brandon

Profession: Ranger; Woodcutter, Carpenter, Woodworker, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Healer, Nature and Wilderness Scholar, Gunner, Herbalist, Vintner

Appearance: A man of 6'1" and 200 pounds, with shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, and tanned skin.
Age: 34 (Born 10 Thac 194 CE)

Family: Eldest Child of Perdran and Essellonai Cragwalker.
Marriage/Children: Married to Pyteha Windsong, Father of Esselonai, Lahna, Fyton, Valona, Rhebeka, Noldran, and Nolheim
Apprentices:  Vahleh Silverdust; Nolinai Silverdust

Erela CragwalkerErela Cragwalker et Windsong

Player: Kathy

Profession: Priestess of Oathbinder; Healer, Woodworker, Mason, apprentice Veterinarian, Scholar of the Arcane

Appearance: A woman of 5'8" and 140 pounds, with brown hair and gray eyes.
Age: 28 (Born 17 Thac 200 CE)

Family: None in the city.
Marriage/Children: Married to Brantcras Cragwalker, Mother of Cordranai, Rheock, Rhaethle, Erech, Iesiht, Fytiana, and Besurast
Apprentices: None

Jessat Goldmere

Player: Rob T.

Profession: Paladin of Oathbinder; Animal Handler, Veterinarian, Armorsmith, Healer, Nostervium's Magister

Appearance: A tall man with golden hair and blue eyes, Jessat has become somewhat reclusive over the past several years as his long attempt to commune with Oathbinder has apparently not had the results that were expected.  When he is about on his silver stallion, he as often as not wears simple clothing of crimsons and grays.
Age: 35 (Born 20 Thal, 193 CE)

Family: Eldest Child of Valoln Goldmere
Marriage/Children: Married to Vhaechai Silverdust, Father of Jesalmai, Jesorta, Vharoln, Sejlona, Vhaalm, Jeskris, Vhaihtue, and Perhisc
Apprentices:  Pheban Darkblood and Lahnol Goldmere

Yaldrana Moonthorn et Blacksteel

Player: Liz

Profession: Rogue; Potter, Hunter, Painter, and Scout

Appearance:  A tall, thin woman with short blonde hair and blue eyes.
Age: 32 (Born in 196 CE)

Family: Cousin of the Blacksteel
Marriage/Children: Married to Nalokris Moonthorn, mother of Brandacht, Pheen, Brantelhe, Regalm, Regbert, Jescrasa, Aralm, Arekh, and Brandihta
Apprentices:  None

Lhadran Deathknell

Player: Cam

Profession:  Paladin of Reaver; Farmer

Appearance:  A tall, handsome man with black hair and blue eyes.
Age:  42 (born in 186 CE)

Family:  Head of a branch of Deathknell
Marriage/Children:  Married to Rhana et Silverdust, father of Lyruhra, Rhesal, Sebalmhe, Cohrna, Morgan, Reave, Devin, Lhadran II, and Sebberthe
Apprentices:  None