Heroes Renowned Throughout the Council Lands

Arekai Heartrose

A beautiful young woman of only twenty summers, Arekai lost her parents to violence when she was very young. Raising herself, she has become the preeminent cartographer of the land, based in Council City. Periodically she sets out with adventuring companies to see the world, and has been said to have even braved Orcish and Arkandite shores. Some say that she even consults with the Council for special services that no other adventurer can accomplish.

Rhait Moonthorn

The best of scouts, Rhait Moonthorn is an aging rogue known to have completed acts as daring as to steal the swords of Orcish chieftains and the hats of Arkandite bishops. It was he that first brought news to the council of the designs of the Arkandites for war.

Rical Icemist

A great chieftain of the Icemist family, Rical gained his fame by facing down an entire battalion of Orcs that had made a surprise raid on Westcoast around the isthmus, then taking his tribe on their boats back to their camp and wiping them out completely.

Tyina Deathknell

The youngest Seventh of the mage's council, Tyina has quickly grown to prominence by lending her magical strength in the initial skirmishes against the Arkandites. She was responsible for protecting the Council strongholds in Darkisle with mighty wards so that the important officials and equipment could be saved.

Iesin Silverdust

The greatest paladin in Aladagia, Iesin Silverdust is renowned across the lands for his work in the service of Skydancer. He was believed to have been killed in battle against an elite band of Orcish assassins, yet has been seen since, stronger than ever before to lead a legion against the Arkandites.

Elselea Crystaldawn

There are thousands of extant songs in Aladagia, and Elselea Crystaldawn is said to know them all. She has sailed to all the corners of the known world and learned whatever songs she came across. None have been able to name a song that she did not know.

Corekai Goldmere

The daughter of a wealthy family, Corekai long ago was banned until she made up for her inherent magical abilities, which her father blamed on a curse. She has thus spent many years doing great feats of adventure throughout the lands, seeking to prove her worth.