Spouses of the Heroes of Nostervium

YalleaYallea Stormcry

After the Fifth Spring:  Amongst the first to journey to Nostervium with her family, Yallea Stormraven was easily the most beautiful of the young women and easily the most terrifying.  Courted early on by Nalole Bonecry, the two of them chose to marry after a somewhat clipped romance.  A priestess of Reaver, the life of a mother and wife has mellowed her initial stark and morbid view on life.  She has begun to celebrate both birth and death, and has even learned to put up with Nalole's eccentricities.  While few townsfolk would like to label anything involving Yallea and Nalole as ideal, the two of them have actually managed to have a caring relationship - especially since Nalole often returns from his crazy expeditions with a sack of treasure and presents for his wife.

After the Fourteenth Summer:  When Nalole began his progress on becoming Timeless, Yallea experienced the classic worry of soon being an old woman married to an apparently young man (a problem that Rhikust has been dealing with, in reverse, for some time now).  Meditating for some days on her beliefs about her religion, she decided that it would not be against the code of Reaver to stay young as long as she still died at her appointed time.  As such, she also progressed down the road of timelessness, and has stopped aging at age 31.  Many in town believe that she is at the height of her beauty, as her early waifish and austere goth-ness has been softened by several children and a more robust outlook on life.  Becoming truly compassionate since her teenage years, she has become one of the town's primary healers and diplomats.  Her current pursuits, as of 229, are co-running the local herbalism store and teaching at Nalole's academy (in addition to her other priestly duties).  With the complete loss of any real morbidity, though she still affects it on occasion, and the growth of fourteen years as the wife of the city's most eccentric wizard, Yallea has become a well-rounded and mostly satisfied individual who is one of the best-liked members of the Nostervium township.

PytehaPyteha Windsong

After the Fifth Spring:  Following a more typical courtship, Pyteha Windsong and Ravheim Cragwalker were wed.  Although rocky at first, and at peril of an older sister that knew Ravheim's personality in more detail than Pyteha could without adventuring herself, the relationship eventually bore fruit.  Being of good humour even in the strongest adversity, the relationship has had few very terrible moments.  Pyteha does get exasperated with Ravheim at times, especially when he allows Nalole to take him off on some adventure or other, but for the most part she is content to watch the children while she plays in the Great Hall of Nostervium and let him go about his business.  She is a bit worried about the recent run in with the gods, but as Ravheim quickly returned to his normal personality, there was no harm done.

After the Fourteenth Summer:  After years of adventure stories, Pyteha has also grown as a person, becoming the town's second most talented bard.  She still remains overshadowed by her sister, not being able to keep up in pure charisma or flamboyance, but this role gives her something of a niche.  The cool blue to Vharachthe's flaming red, so to speak, Pyteha has cornered the market on calming and soothing music that can be easily enjoyed after a long day of work in the fields.  This mellowness has extended to the rest of her personality, especially since Ravheim's forays into winery have made her family solvent enough that she doesn't have to be stressed out all the time.  Soon her eldest children will be old enough to add financially as well, and this also does wonders for her mood.  Since Ravheim has proved his ability to take care of himself, and often returns from adventures with only the complaint of his long-healed wounds, she has become much more accepting of these forays as well.  Comparing her lot in life to some of the other women in town, Pyteha realizes that she's actually very well off to have a pro-active husband who is finally pursuing a diverse set of interests.  Home life for the Windsongs has, therefore, been quite happy of late.

VarleaVarlea Flamewolf

After the Fifth Spring:  After years of moving from failed relationship to failed relationship, a band of refugees brought a new possibility to Sebrand Flamewolf.  Immediately attracted to Sebrand, Varlea Whitesnow initiated the courtship.  Though she was well liked and kind to everyone, Varlea lacked the robust courage that Sebrand seemed to radiate in all of his doings.  While convinced that it could just as easily be foolishness, it was a breath of life to a woman drowning in her own anxieties about moving so far from home into dangerous territory.  For his part, Sebrand was just glad to have someone, finally, to marry.  A fresh relationship, it is hard to say how the rigors of Sebrand's constant journeying will affect his marriage.

After the Fourteenth Summer:  Sebrand's constant journeying managed to affect his relationship poorly.  Despite his assurances, Varlea never really got over the idea that Sebrand was attracted to Vharachthe, and this fear was driven home when he spent hundreds of gold pieces supporting Vharachthe's barding competition venture.  The relationship only became more rocky after that, fueled by Sebrand's passive aggressiveness about his children.  Eventually realizing the depths of his marital problems, Sebrand took steps to assure Varlea that she was the most important thing to him, which had some degree of success.  More worthwhile has been that he has stayed around town more often in the past two years, not counting the understandable trip to the war.  She still feels like Nalole is a bad influence, not for his harebrained schemes but because she feels like he treats Sebrand as a pet.  However, Sebrand's new focus on teaching a new generation, organizing his own school, and wisdom gained after his short midlife crisis (when he spent several months doing the oddest things trying to prove himself to the Barbarians) has done wonders for his relationship with Varlea.  She hopes that he keeps up this new tack of self-command and leadership, especially since Nalole has recently been content to consider Erela's husband as "his fighter."

For her own part, Varlea has never managed to completely overcome her irrational cowardice.  However, this problem dropped dramatically during Sebrand's time at the war.  Having been teleported to see Sebrand at his outpost, she managed to get caught in an Arkandite pincer strike, misguidedly trying to take out the Nostervium company's leadership.  While Sebrand handily dealt with the assassination attempt, Varlea discovered that she was more than capable of defending herself from those that were looking for a softer target, and even managed to cripple one of the highly trained men in time for Sebrand to decapitate him.  This has given her new confidence, though she is still not thrilled with the idea of adventures for the sake of excitement.

RabetaiRabetai Moonthorn

After the Fifth Spring:  Between Lyal Moonthorn's lack of social prowess and his refined taste in beauty, it looked like he would never find the right woman.  He had been dating Phesala Silverdust fairly seriously for several months, but she was not everything that he wanted in a woman.  Just as the relationship was reaching a point where Lyal would have to commit or get out, along came Nalole with a shipload of new refugees, including a young woman from Council City named Rabetai Icemist.  A young woman of some martial skill, she had traveled by herself to a land of new opportunities.  She also happed to be as attractive as any nymph.  Most of the unattached men of the town, and some of the women, began to court the beautiful young lady, but they soon discovered that she only had an interest in, of all people, Lyal.  Coming from a brutal, barbarian culture she had never met a man, especially of the church, so kind and gentle, and she soon found herself sitting for hours watching him work on the toys that he made with such loving care for the children in town.  Lyal, for his part, found a young woman with a quick mind, deft fingers, and great beauty.  The choice was simple, and Rabetai has done her best to make Lyal as happy as possible in the few months that they have been married.

After the Fourteenth Summer:  The changes to Rabetai have been extensive.  Not long after her marriage to Lyal it was revealed that Rabetai was not, in fact, an uncultured Barbarian from the border lands.  Instead, she was a rogue member of the race of Ograhn, a race created as part of an Orcish plot against the Council.  When the rest of her race were caught in the blast of the wildstone, transforming into the massive and ugly ogres, Rabetai was protected by Lyal's invocation of Drandth as her intellect had slipped into her beauty but before her beauty could be exchanged for massive strength.  What remained was a woman less intelligent than she had been, but burning with an incandescent charisma previously unknown to Aladagia.  Her protection by Drandth had deeper ramifications, and some of her previous skills were replaced with those she needed to become a paladin in his service.

Since that time, Rabetai and Lyal have become an even better matched couple, their relationship such that it provokes awe in the romantic and envious disgust in those with less fulfilling love-lives.  Meanwhile, she has forged a fast friendship with Yallea, and the two of them share a number of similar interests and hobbies, including their new business together selling herbal supplies.  The two women's appearances mesh well, fire and moonlight, and when they are around town together many townsmen are prompted to consider Lyal and Nalole "Lucky Bastards."  Just shy of twenty-eight years old Rabetai is fully satisfied, surrounded by a loving husband and their beautiful children, and expectant that she will be considered the most blessed person ever if the following years stay more or less the same.

BrantcrasBrantcras Cragwalker

After the Fourteenth Summer:  Brantcras and Erela had served together in the service of Oathbinder for several years before their company moved to Nostervium, and he had long harbored a crush on the young cleric.  Away from the commanding structure, they were able to pursue this relationship, and it was not long until they were happily married.  Though their income was not great, and their children more and more numerous, Brantcras considered himself happy enough.  On a trip to council city in 226, however, he discovered how much he missed the thrill of combat.  Trained as a warrior in service to Oathbinder, Brantcras' one non-martial pursuit is the crafting and playing of instruments, and his skills had long been going to waste.  Nalole recognized this keen desire for combat and brought it up to Erela, who conceded that her husband really should be working as a warrior.

Over the last two years or so, Brantcras has gotten to fight in the war, and shortly afterwards he and Nalole forged a tight friendship with expectations on going on a number of adventures together.  It seemed that Nalole had been missing the presence of a "straight-warrior" for his eccentric ways since Jessat stopped adventuring, and really enjoyed having a fighter around with a personality more predictable than Sebrand's.  Brantcras looks forward to being able to go on adventures accompanying his new friend and his wife, and has been training extra-hard with the other teachers at the War academy to make sure that his skills are fully ready for his entry into unknown battles.

Vhaechai Goldmere

After the Fifth Spring:  One of the original citizens of Nostervium, Vhaechai Silverdust quickly became the one-stop shopping center for all of Vharachthe's bizarre leather needs.  Eventually deciding to teach Vharachthe to make her own curiosities, Vhaechai began to see more of Jessat Goldmere.  Taken by his dashing good looks and easily directable character, Vhaechai initiated the courtship and soon found herself quite in love.  Bribing Vharachthe with numerous leather products, Vhaechai began the process of convincing Jessat to marry her.  After some consideration, he finally agreed to the proposal.  While, like most of the marriages in the group, it has not been around long enough to determine how she'll deal with Jessat's constant adventuring, some things are clear.  Deeply in love with Jessat, Vhaechai is of a family of adventuresome types, frequently going on day trips in the forest of her own, and not prone to needing her husband to be around all the time.  She's actually grown a little tired of all this sitting around "communing with Oathbinder" that Jessat has been doing lately, and hopes something will come up soon to get him mobile again.

Rhikust Crystaldawn

After the Fifth Spring:  While Vharachthe spent many years moving from man to man, she never really had a relationship that was more than a fling or an affair.  Rhikust Crystaldawn was a young man of some means that had traveled to the city with his younger sister and had quickly been drafted into teaching Nalole and Nolith how to build ships.  The two hit it off one period when Vharachthe was between men, and Rhikust decided to make it into a more permanent relationship, asking her to marry him.  To both of their surprise, she accepted.  Through sheer willpower and charisma, Rhikust has managed to keep the relationship interesting enough to hold Vharachthe's attention, and the new addition of a hat of disguise to the marriage should make this easier to do.