Major NPCs

These are a few of the NPCs that, either through great power or great mystique, are especially important to the game.

NolithNolith Darkblood

Mayor of Nostervium

Powerful Sorcerer


Nolith showed up at the new hamlet of Nostervium mere days after its establishment, and was mayor by the end of that evening.  Nothing is known of his past, though he is apparently the father of Corekai Goldmere.  He has demonstrated the ability and the inclination to cast high-level spells in service to the town, and an inability to bring himself to relinquish powerful magic items that are casually handed to him by the sheriff.  Nolith admits to being evil, if only in jest, and clearly does not care what happens to other people so long as the citizens of Nostervium prosper.   A magical door hides in the floor of his home, and there's no telling where it leads to, though the chances of a grand spellcaster's laboratory are very high, given his occasional freedom of giving magical items.


RhebechAgisat Anderant (Rhebech)

Great Wyrm Gold Dragon

Demigod of History


Apparently following the heroes of Nostervium for some time, this mysterious old man was eventually revealed to be a gold dragon in service to Skydancer as the Demigod of History.  Blunt, pragmatic, and crotchety, he has served as the voice of reason in at least one dispute with the gods, and it is entirely possible that he is still manipulating things to the benefit of the heroes.  His ultimate plans are unknown, but he seems to have the best interests of Nostervium and the Council Lands in mind.


AgnesAgnes Moonthorn




The intentions, plans, eventual goals, and anything else related to Agnes are murky at best.  The head of the Moonthorn family, it is uncertain whether she is truly their matriarch, and, even if she is, how many generations ago their blood stems from.  What is known is that for a lich she seems remarkably less than evil, although the council of wizards, at least, seem to find her abhorrent.  In general, she seems to be interested primarily in the acquisition of knowledge.  So far, this has not put her at odds with Nostervium, but there is little way to tell what lengths she would go to in order to get information that she was blocked from obtaining.




Freed Prisoner


For untold ages "She who once tried to cross the sea" was held beneath a forgotten fortress.  A dryad of great beauty, she awoke with apparently no memory of how she had come to be imprisoned for so long.  The fact that no trees within the vicinity of the fort were of substantial enough quality to belong to a  dryad is also strange.  It remains to be seen why she was imprisoned, and what she  plans on doing with her new freedom.