Quotes of Church & State

Running Quote Involvement Totals:  Robert/Lyal - 3, Jessica/Vharachthe - 2, Aren/Nalole - 11, Rob H./Sebrand - 3, Brandon/Ravheim - 6, Kathy/Erela - 2, Rob T./Jessat - 5, Cam/Lhadran - 4, Liz/Yaldrana - 1, Jennefra - 1, Stephen - 3


Nalole: You should talk to my sister.

Aren: I think if I'm going to seduce his sisters I'll need to raise my Use Ropes skill.
Brandon: Why?

Jessat: I sensed your ... boredom.

Rob T./Jessat: I can't hear because of the nitwits!!!!!

Brandon: How much of the wood have we managed to get up?

Aren/Nalole: Perhaps we should stay in groups rather than breaking up to have sex.

Nalole: Oh... My... God....!!!!  Okay!

Nalole (to Sebrand): It's going to be just as hard... you're just as butt ugly!

(Rob T. as Vharachthe): Don't ever go walking alone in the forest with Ravheim.
(...as Pyteha): Are you afraid he might do something horrible?
(...as Vharachthe):  No, I'm afraid he might get you lost!

Nalole: These elves were Sandalwood elves.

Aren and Brandon: So Moat It Be!!!

Everyone: The Scout!!!!
Liz/Yaldrana:  Shit!

Aren: Nalole's getting married on the same day Ravheim is.
Brandon: To the same girl?

Rob T:  I could bring the Kitchna Slinkerong!

Robert:  Jessat?  Jessat was the dog's name!

Lhadran (to Vharachthe):  Unicorns... you can't catch one of those, can you?

Lhadran (to Nalole):  It's a paladin joke, you wouldn't get it.

Jen:  I can read "Illiterate"!!

Nalole:  . . . a suitable gift.
Lyal:  Oooooooh!  YoYo!!!

Lhadran:  Hold on damnit, I have to . . . make a trail.

Lhadran:  You're Inverted!!!  It's like surrounded ... but from the inside!

Sebrand (about Jessat):  I'll leave him a note ... on his horse.

Vharachthe (to Nalole):  When I start getting randy, I'm coming to you!

Rob H. (on Women): A lot of them are just entertainingly insane... which is why we sometimes marry.

Ravheim:  It's no use arguing with Sebrand, he's always right.
Erela: He's always right?!?!?

Erela:  We go out and kill stuff.
Pytuhr*:  What kinds of stuff?
Erela:  Well.... goats.
*Commanding Priest of Oathbinder

Stephen:   Jessica, are you bringing anything else they'd want to peace-bond?
Aren:  Just her crotch!

Stephen putting words in Lyal's mouth: "Look at this!" Whoosh!
Rob H./Sebrand:  You can cast spells?!?!?