Seven years have passed.  The city prospers.  Though challenged at all turns by threats of bizarre and unknown nature, the city flourishes.  Trade commences with all sides, the forgotten races trading with their new human neighbors in a way unseen for years.  The city benefits from wonderful weather and excellent health.  The few enemy forces that have come near the city were easily shrugged off.  The guardians of the city have grown far more powerful than the ill-guided troupe of youths that traveled southwards all those years ago.  Truly, times seem good.

Yet things can change.  Eldritch forces have been unleashed in the course of adventures.  One attempt on the Council Lands has been thwarted by the machinations of Fate, but the forces of Orcs and Arkandites still wait for their next chance.  The precipice is thin, though steady.  Walking its path is rewarding, but any number of mistakes could lead to a fall.

Welcome to the next seven years.

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