The History of Aladagia

Exploration and Settlement Era

(Dates are rough estimates in relation to one another)

0? The first settlers arrive; debate exists whether they came across the oceans or from another world. Stronger debate exists as to their race, but most scholars agree that either the elves or dwarves arrived first.

50? First contact, Dwarves and Elves. The initial meeting goes poorly, and land is disputed.

100? Conflict over this land (the current location is unknown) escalates into the first Vale War.

200? An eventual truce is reached, and the two races retreat into their portions of the world.

500? The arrival of the Orcish Empire. Bands of orcs begin to harry the elves while goblins and underfolk drive out the dwarves. The two races have been scaling down their militaries for three centuries, and they also suffer the disadvantage of longer breeding periods. In short, the new races move too quickly for the Elves and Dwarves to cope.

600? The Orcish Empire shows more tactical genius, leaving the Elves and Dwarves on the southwest shores for a period. The threat from without put on hold, the ancient enemies fall once more into conflict. Also in this period the Gnomes arrive, no one is quite sure from where, and put up no resistance to being forced into small holdings in the Northwest lands.

650? The Halflings arrive, though some suggest they were created from Dwarf/Elf crossbreeding, and begin to mediate between the first two races. This is enough to reunify them against their common enemy, and they begin to push against the Orcish Empire, but make few gains.

700? Beginning of the Era of Humans

Era of Humans

0 The first humans arrive in the East, claiming this new land as Aladagia, and set about eradicating the Orcish Empire. They have superior tactics, and breed even faster than most of the Orcish citizens, so begin to push back the Empire.

43 Battle of Rishan Sea. The Orcish Navy is pushed out of the south of Aladagia.

93 The meeting between the Aladagian League and the Fighters of the Vale. One general, his name lost to time, remarks, "Your skin is the same color as ours, we can work together."

125 The Battle of the Sargesh Sea. The Orcish navy is eradicated, and the shipyards, mostly on the east banks, are destroyed. This sets Orcish ship building technology back centuries.

147 The Battle of South Orcland. All races not in alliance with the humans are totally eradicated from the southeast lands.

155 Beginning of the War of the Woods. The final battles begin: a conflict so intense as to turn the Northeast, once a vast forest, into a fragment of itself. Felled trees litter the ground and humans fight orcs over these obstacles.

178 The Orcish Empire is fought back to the Northwest, where they prove impossible to oust from their fortified cities. The war is declared over, and the Concordat of Kent is formed, setting up a strong military to protect the isthmus connecting the Empire to the rest of the lands.

195 Beginning of the Council Era.

Council Era

1 The Council of Races is founded, setting up an organizational body for all of the non-Orcish races, but allowing each to rule as appropriate. It is hailed as a great step by all.

16 The last of Council Lands are formed into principalities.

78 The Elves enter a complaint to the council that Human principalities are slowly absorbing their lands. It is looked into, but nothing can be proven.

87 The Dwarves enter a similar complaint, and again nothing can be proven.

142 Fed up with the Council's lack of help on their problems, the Elves and Dwarves migrate out of what is left of their holdings to return to their ancestral lands. Leaving a large number of frontiers newly opened. The Humans begin to fill them, but there is more land than those to work it, so the expansion is slow (making many question even why anyone would need the Elvish and Dwarven lands).

194 The Theocracy of Arkand announces itself a sovereign nation, unifying several principalities in the Southeast into one.

207 The Theocracy begins to expand into more Council lands, and they are ordered to halt their expansion.

215 The Council prepares to war against the Arkandites, and many citizens in the southern Council Lands begin to move from their homes to avoid the ravages that this coming war will cause on their homes, and the religious upheaval that will come should the Council lose.

216 The Council finally begins mobalizing a "peacekeeping action" against the Theocracy.  A recruitment drive begins to fight the Arkandites.  First year anniversary of the frontier city of Nostervium.

220 After nearly being subverted by an Orcish ploy, the Council finally declares war on the Theocracy.