It has been fourteen years.  In this time the city has grown beyond the dreams of the first refugees, and has become a center of trade and learning in the frontier, a bastion of protection slowly taming the wild lands.  The Arkandites have been firmly thrashed and have retreated from the Council lands to lick their wounds, heralding the possibility for more trade in the future.  A great watery causeway extends, entirely navigable, all the way to the sea.  Nostervium's heroes have gathered more and more information about the world and its magical origins, uncovering ancient secrets and reclaiming long lost artifacts.

The Summer years were good, but Autumn approaches.  Can the city maintain its steady growth throughout the long cycle towards a new Spring, or will the coming years bring threats unforseen?  Nostervium still has a long way to go upwards, but the distance laid out beneath grows steadily.  A fall seems unlikely, but were it to happen there would be so much now to lose.

Welcome to the next seven years.

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