System sans Setting
My game design blog

Changeling Revised
Homebrew revision of Changeling: the Dreaming

DigiTribe Productions
The production company for which I develop


Elemental (1999-2009)
My long-running online Fading Suns chronicle

Lodestone (2007-2008)
Playing D&D Backwards

My 2006 RPGnet Column

Geekin' (2006)
An independent film about geeks

Legacy (2005-2006)
A live action fantasy game more or less dead on the design table

Beholden (2006)
A classic-style D&D Campaign

R.E.L.I.C. (2003-2006)
Another live action game for which I staffed

Foreshadow (2003-2004)
Nobilis Chronicle (Passworded Version)

The Fourth Queen (2003-2004)
Mage: the Ascension Chronicle

Church & State (2000-2003)
D20 City Simulation (Passworded)

Blood & Iron (2002)
A C&S Prequel Game

Facade (2002)
Homebrew game system (Passworded)

Enigmas (2002)
Superhero Façade Playtest

Transylvania Chronicles (1999-2002)
Vampire: the Masquerade Chronicle

The First Sunrise (2001)
A mage/mummy game I almost ran



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