Changeling: the Dreaming

Revised Edition


This is my personal revision of the Changeling rules for a revised edition.  They reflect my own feelings about what needs to stay from 2nd edition, what needs to be clarified, and what needs to be altered.  Some changes, especially in the Setting section, were made to fit my conception of the metaplot, which changed after Denizens to fit the larp I was running.  Feel free to use and/or discard anything you find in this revision for your own Changeling games or revisions, though I'd love to get a mention if you found an idea particularly cool.  Please email me any comments, suggestions, or questions at

Setting - The History of the Fae

Setting - On Being of the Fae

Setting - The Earth and Dreaming

Setting - The Kiths of the Fae

Rules - Changes to Basic Traits

Rules - Altered Ability System

Rules - Tempers (Glamour and Lucidity)

Magicks - Chimerical Redes

Magicks - Fae Arts

Magicks - Fae Realms

Printable Document Versions:

Complete Revision, Formatted .pdf (1.3mb)

Character Sheet, Formatted .pdf (189k)

Fonts used in the documents (Zipped, UmberSSK, Goudy Old Style, and WoD2*, 160k)

*UmberSSK and Goudy Old Style were available at Storyteller Resources, which is where I got them from, but which has disappeared.  WoD2 is a font by LdyMox... I would have just pointed you to her page, but it has also been unfortunately taken down.

Copyright Disclaimer:  Changeling is a copyright of White Wolf Game Studios (, and this document intends no copyright infringement. All text in this document is original work by Stephen Cheney (, though obviously as a revision it will contain similarities to the established work on the Changeling line. This document is intended as open content to be used and altered by Changeling storytellers as best fits their individual game, though White Wolf has the final say on whether any particular use is a violation of their intellectual property. The author intends to establish no copyright with this work (as it is a derivative product), but would love to be credited and hear feedback by/from anyone who uses the ideas contained here for their own games/Changeling systems.  All graphics are also by Stephen Cheney, but again, are derivative work for the most part so no copyright is claimed.  Finally, the fonts used in the document and made available are not owned by Stephen Cheney, and will be taken down should the owners be unhappy with their inclusion on the site.

Acknowledgements:  This work would not be possible without the input of and the forums, or without the players of the Dreams of Darker Days LARP, who showed the beleaguered Changeling ST exactly what worked and what needed to be changed to best fit his conception of how Changeling should be revised.

Site Updates:

7-26-06: Began revisions of site for actually getting around to playtesting the game. For now, all links are to flashpaper or pdf files until I get the revised information into html format.

7-21-03: Added The Faerie Ring navigator to the bottom of the page.
4-08-03:  Major changes - all pages now have hyperlink anchors to make navigation easier, Minor Changes - Fixed various flaws in wording where I found them; The entire thing needs to be completely edited for comprehension, but I fixed what I though were the most glaring flaws.  I also changed the mechanic for Ritual casting, such that level 4 and 5 Arts are worthwhile to cast ritually.  Uploaded the document versions of the stuff.  Note that any changes to the site since the end of February are not replicated in the .doc versions until further noted.  For the moment, this just means the change to the Ritualizing Arts section and the various minor changes.
4-06-03:  Minor changes to the front page (all the copyright-style stuff you see above).  I may attempt to index/anchor-link the pages if I find free time over the next week.
2-26-03:  Completed the Arts page.
2-24-03:  Added several more Arts to the Arts page (Discord - Soothsay)
2-20-03:  Added the first part of the Arts page (Rules for casting Arts, Chicanery, Chronos, Contempt, and Delusion... more to follow as they're written... spell checking has not occured yet either)
2-18-03:  Minor update to On Being of the Fae and The Earth and the Dreaming (fixed typos, altered Banality section of OBotF) and to Altered Ability System (slight rules modification), Added Rules - Changes to Basic Traits
2-17-03:  Minor update to Redes (altered Traverse Dreaming and Wyrd, added Lucid Sight (1)), Added Setting - On Being of the Fae and Setting - The Earth and the Dreaming
2-15-03:  Minor updates to Tempers and Kiths (added Mercy to Glamour recovery, and modified the Forgotten Chain of Rebirth Noble frailty), added the History of the Fae to the Setting.


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