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I've seen it.  The End.  They talk of a long, unchanging winter.  They talk of nuclear holocaust and nightmarish war.  They talk of the ancients rising up to destroy.  They're wrong.  It will be sudden.  One night there will come the last sunset.  The sun will not rise again.  As the light of moon and stars winks out dread will settle.  Crops across the world will wither and die.  Not in weeks, in hours.  The undead will rejoice, thinking their night has come.  They will be wrong.  The humans will die, one by one, some to starvation that sets on in moments, others to the fangs of the vampires whose thirst has grown a thousandfold.  As the last living thing slips into the grip of death, and the dead sink into torpid oblivion, something will move.  The sky, darkness on darkness, will twist and shift like something coiled around the planet.  And then the darkness is absolute.  I've seen it.  The End.

~ An email sent to tradition leaders worldwide, received from at 8:00 AM EST, 4-30-1999