These souls are perhaps friend or perhaps foe, but are certainly not to be discounted in the quest for excellence.

Timothy Reginald GilesfortTimothy Reginald Gilesfort

High priest of the Alexandria chapter of the Cult of Isis, Mr. Gilesfort is known to have served out his apprenticeship under the tutelage of the Order of Hermes, having then transferred to the Cult.  Over the years he has mastered the arts of Isis and excelled even in the female-dominated society.  After the awakening of Osiris he was placed into his current position of authority.  Though many have cause to dislike the man, none can doubt that he is highly intelligent and effective; in the areas of social and magical influence he has bested most comers.

Appearance and Personality:  Gilesfort is an older gentleman of continental European extraction.  He is getting on past his middle years, but has not seemingly lost in physical effectiveness, especially to hear him talk.  And that, it seems, is the problem.  Highly self-absorbed and very motivated by his own interest, Timothy shows a distinct tendency towards misogyny and self-promotion.  Odd amongst a member of his craft, he seems to regard women as little more than acolytes in the Cult's sex-rites.  Those who get on the man's bad side are treated with thinly veiled contempt, and though he's influential, few seem to like being in his good graces much more.

Notable Traits:  Hellfire 5


The high priestess of Alexandria's Children of Osiris is a mystery.  Known to have been a vampire of some age amongst the heresy before Osiris' awakening, she became one of his first converts to mortality.  In the months since she has shown extreme dedication to the practice of the magical arts and the forwarding of the goals of the Osiran League.  Some whisper that the lack of any evidence of her past points to previously high skill in the vampiric powers of deception, and, the rumors state, the form she wears now might well have been a cloak of her true appearance.  If such is anywhere near remotely true, her name, synonymous with Egyptian chess, leads to further speculations on just what her agenda actually is.

Appearance and Personality:  Senet is an attractive young woman of uncertain ethnic stock.  Modeling her appearance on fashionable pop-culture trends, her eyes remove the deception of apparent youth, staring with all the knowledge of age.  Her manner is aloof but not uncompassionate, and while many have left conversations with her uncertain of the meaning of the limited information she had to impart, few have left feeling any cause to doubt her dedication to the cause of Ma'at.

Notable Traits:  Arcane 5