Stubeck Von Midgard

Childe of Natalia, Apprentice Koldun, High Priest of Thor

Sometime being a sorcerer's apprentice sucks.  Stubeck was stuck in house Tytalus for years, getting really good at Hedge Magic, but never quite awakenening.  Finally, his magisters set upon the idea of using him as a helper in the coming vampire affairs that they had set up with the Lasombra.

Stubeck found himself allied with the Lasombra Sergei, serving as little more than a do-boy.  After quite a bit of cajoling, Natalia finally embraced him, with the caveat that he never attempt to bother her and to give her all the information she wanted.  It wasn't a good deal, but it was better than being stuck a mortal for another few decades.

Player:  Matthew Richardson