The Chronicle of Ages

One - The Hidden Darkness
Two - The Threefold Breaking
Three - The War of the Children
Four - The Rise and Return of the Dragon
Five - The Making and Breaking of the Compact of Kindred
Six - The Martyred Innocent
Seven - ?
Eight - ?

Act 1, Scene 1:  The Making of Princes 1198

Two proto-Giovanni meet up with a pair of (soon to be deceased) French vampires, a Native Tzimisce, and, eventually, a Russian Lasombra.  The group soon proves its direction in unlife and torches a small town, narrowly escaping from the town's gangrel prince.  Eventually a tower is erected, after plundering its secrets, and taxation is commenced upon the Birkau pass.

Act 1, Interlude:  Outland Invasion 1241

The mongol horde at the door, the maturing vampires invite the traitor Teutonic knights to dinner, in a hall rigged to catch fire as it tumbles off a cliff.  After a brief spot of bloodshed, the Mongols decide not to mess with the Princes if they can at all avoid it.

Act 1, Scene 2:  The Binding 1314

After terrorizing a small town, Sergei, Lucian, and Natalia pick up their prisoner, Goratrix.  Soon slaughtering a band of knights, the three take their treasure, a collection of stones with writing.  Eventually setting the Kupala-binding web, they go home happy.

Act 1, Scene 3:  The Release 1413

After meeting some gypsies, Sergei and Selainia are thoroughly smacked down by the Inquisition.  Sergei goes to Natalia for help in rooting out the religious zealots in her city, and that is quickly accomplished.  Then Natalia and Lucian accompany the diablerists of the Tzimisce antedeluvian.  Going home a bit scared but inspired, they quickly eat through some Cappadocians.

Act 2, Scene 1:  The Serpents' Lair 1472

Sergei, Selainia, and their new sorcerous companion Stubeck attend a gathering of Kindred at the request of the cowering Radu.  Met there by Lady Natalia, now with bone hair, they have a nice chat with the rest of the evil vampires and meet Dracula.  Natalia leaves the party just in time to miss the anarchs coming in, to be completely obliterated by a sword-weilding Lamia-Giovanni, a tentacle creating Lasombra, and a Lightning shooting kid from Germany (who actually believes in Thor).  Then the building catches fire and Sergei goes into fear-frenzy while Selainia finds the door (giving the poor greedy ghoul a nice fatal disease in the process).  Pretty soon they accompany Dracula to the Cathedral of Flesh, which then diablerizes Yorak and spits them out like so much waste.

Act 2, Scene 2:  Of Cainite Bondage 1493

The intrepid vampires, with a mortal sorcerer, head to the Convention of Thorns.  After rousing speeches about dozens of mortals as snacks for the trip and goblins, Sergei's wishywashy pro-nobody speech, and a Giovanni's impassioned cry to "Go Home" the vampires cause general havok by joining the proto-Sabbat in destroying a small town.

Act 2, Scene 3:  In the Dragon's Den 1495

Sergei, Natalia, and Lucian travel to Arghes Castle at the urging of Zelios the mason.  Here they attempt to gain Dracula's permission to inscribe the binding runes of Kupala on the castle.  As he holds them off for several days, Natalia raises her appearance to 7, drawing quite favorable attentions from Dracula... and perhaps less favorable from the rest of the castle.  Finally the runes are inscribed, just in time to prepare for the arrival of a Sabbat pack.  The next night a fierce battle between the Camarilla, Sabbat, and Dracula begins.  Deciding that it would be a good idea to help their host without betraying the Sabbat, the three elder vampires begin systematically destroying Archons.  As the Gangrel Justicar takes his fellow and Lucita and flees the carnage, the Sabbat also lies destroyed.  Proceeding within, the three get to watch the embrace of Dracula.  Returning home, they recieve the promised noddist payment from Zelios, and discover a dark truth behind the Jyhad.

Act 3, Scene 1:  An Angel's Plea 1680

Natalia, now styling herself The Lady of Bone, receives an interesting visitor offering more prophecies for sanctuary.  Within a week after granting this boon, sacred to the Tzimisce, she receives a visit from her old ally Lucien, along with his clanmates.  Finding it quite odd that they want her new houseguest, and a bit perturbed that they'd want her to betray an extended hospitality, but quite intrigued at the amount of money they offer, she promises to hand her over the following night.  What they receive is a fleshcrafted double, firmly convinced that she is Maria Asuncion and with a blessed relic to simulate the Faith in the real woman's aura.  Not given a moment of reprieve, Natalia soon finds herself organizing a festival for elders from across the continent.  Each of them is really there only to deal with Maria, and they get to business after Natalia's Szlachta refuse to play by the rules of human chess.  After much wheeling and dealing, they are annoyed to learn by rumor that the last Cappadocian, Maria Asuncion, has been killed by Ambrogino Giovanni.  Satisfied with the last shard of portent, The Lady allows the real Cappadocian to complete her ritual and descend into the blackness of forgetfulness, leaving all behind.