Sherazhina Basarab

Shera was born in the early years of the 12th century, one of the true revenants of her line. She fell under the shadow of her family, learning much lore but unable to put her knowledge to use. By her 80th birthday she grew tired of all her cousins being embraced around her, and yet knowing that she would never be Tzimisce herself. Taking her few small possessions, she fled her family's manner.

This proved to be a mistake, as she was captured by slavers. She wound up on the auction block at Buda-Pest, where she managed to escape before being sold as a vampire's food. Being cornered by a band of young Cainites, she submitted to becoming the ghoul of one of them (and thankfully developing a tolerance to Selania's blood). Yet the years passed and she remained locked in a fortress, keeping affairs in order, living a life not much better than she had lived.

Finally she has found a new home with her cousin, Natalia, who has brought her under the auspices of clan Tzimisce, a fact which has caused her to thrive.