Lord Sergei Vassilyvitch Palastova

9th 8th Generation Lasombra

Former Master of Schaasburg(Sighsoara)

Hat wearing freak.

A minor official in Kievian Rus, Sergei found himself in Transylvania, sired by the Lasombra Liseta Illuminada.  Sent after a group of doers for the Eastern Lords, Sergei passed through a burned-out town and realized that his road in life would be difficult from then on.  Joining up with his new band of vampires, Sergei soon met the up-and-coming Lasombra, Lucita and her mad companion, not really liking them much.

Finding himself in control of the city of Schaasburg, Sergei set to work fortifying it.  Advancing far beyond the surrounding cities, Schassburg became a bastion of strength in a torn and fractious land.  Unfortunately, this made it a good target, and it was constantly assaulted by incoming armies, taxing its defenses of ghouled guards to the limits.

Eventually the anarch revolt came, and Sergei played both sides, trying to find out where the best position lay.  Even at the Convention of Thorns he refused to commit himself to any side, but was soon called on it by Vykos, enlisting him finally as a supporter of the Sabbat.  He has had to leave his beautiful city behind for the city of Brasov, as the incoming Camarilla hordes will be worse than any that the Turks could dish out.

Player:  Teddy Weintraut