Dracula:  Is there anything you are not telling me?
Sergei:  If there is, I've forgotten it.

Teddy:  He actually believes in Thor?!?!

Matthew(to the Tremere):  Now, Gimme some of your blood.

Teddy:  You look very strong, I know why the master wanted you.

Stephen:  Dominate her!  Dominate her!
Matthew:  Can I?
Stephen:  No!

AKO:  C'mon, C'mon, get a piece of me!

Matthew(on Caine's Curse):  And after a while you find yourself thinking "Why didn't I take the Blue Pill?"

Stephen:  What's your Occult specialty?
Teddy:  The Cathedral of Flesh?

Teddy(Referring to Kat):  Yeah, she didn't get any sleep last night.... I mean that's what she told me!