Yorak- Deceased

Diablerized master of the Cathedral of Flesh.

Geza Arpad- Deceased

Sire of Jacque... dead infernalist.

Amalia of Thrace- Deceased

Dead Cappadocian.. never saw the evil army coming.

Kazimierz the Silent- Deceased

Dead Cappadocian.. Never expected his childe to turn.


Dracula is the man to know.

Radu- Tzimisce

Cowering from the anarchs... you can say you knew him when.

Tiberiu- Gangrel

Radu's Do-Boy.

Zelios- Nosferatu

Weirdo mason... occult architecture.

Goratrix- Tremere

Don't screw with this guy.

Lucita- Lasombra

Coby will prolly try to diab her eventually.

Octavio- MalKaViaN

Sucks to be the voice of the land, don't it?

Anatole- MaLKavIan


Nova Arpad- Ventrue


Rustovitch- Tzimisce

Natalia's sire... thouroughly nice guy... yeah right.

Illuminada- Lasombra

Sergei's sire... the report of her death incited Geza's.