Lady Natalia

7th 6th Generation Tzimisce

Mistress of Kronstadt(Brasov)

The Lady of Bone

Born into the Basarab line, Natalia was wed to the Lord Ruthven as a politcal alliance arranged by the Tzimisce.  Quickly becoming bored of her husband, she arranged to have him killed by a marauding pack of Lupines.  This attracted the eye of Tzimisce Voivode Vladimir Rustovitch, who embraced her into his clan.  Less than a year following her embrace, she was thrust into a scheme by the Eastern Lord Ventrue to gain power in the region, and wound up the Voivode of Kronstadt after it was over.

Becoming a tyrant to be reckoned with, Natalia set up a bastion against the Hated Tremere and their Gargoyles, creating a city where chaos reigned at night.  In her city the day is moderately less fearful than the night, and huge stormclouds perpetually hang over the city.  This soon led to the city being chosen as a staging point for the Anarch Revolution, though few recognized Natalia's involvement until her stunning denouncement of mortals at the Convention of Thorns.

She has recently created a relationship with the new Tzimisce, Dracula.  Additionally, rumors circulate of her new adherance to the teachings of Lillith, a fact that has seemed to stabalize her personality, but will, no doubt, lead to problems in a later bid for leadership in the Caine-oriented Sabbat.

1680:  After awakening from torpor, the Lady found that her new steward had made the city a much more inhabitable place.  He'd also, however, improved her renown in the city, finding herself something of a Madonna figure to the people.  Reinstituting her tyrannical control over the town guard, she once more ghouled the mayor and began further plotting.

Player:  Coby Manning