Lucian Giovanni

8th 7th Generation Cappadocian/Giovanni

Steward of the Birkau Tower

A small-time weapons dealer in life, Lucian heard about what his family was doing, what with the whole vampire thing with the biting and the bloodsucking and stuff.  So he said, "Hey, I gotta get me some of this action," and tracked down a Cappadocian in the Eastern Regions to embrace him.

Discovering a growing penchant for death, the budding necropheli... er... necromancer started assembling a horde of undead.  The mission to build a tower was the perfect thing for him to get some experience on, and being assigned as its steward was even better.  This provided him with a place to keep dead people, a way to tax living people, and a major trade route to speed his own business and kill.. er.. hinder his competitors.

This continued pretty well for a couple of centuries, and Lucian got some major respect from his family for helping the clarification of Necromancy.  Even better, that whole Cappadocian Purge gave him a chance to eat his sire.  This whole Sabbat vs Camarilla thing has hurt his reputation, but could turn out to be a great way to sell weapons.

1680:  After making the sepucher beneath the Birkau Tower into a full-fledge necropolis, Lucian finally convinced Radu to leave just in time to receive a visit from two of his clanmates.  Allowing them to be played by his Tzimisce contact, he is perhaps the only Giovanni currently extant to know that the last Cappadocian was not destroyed.

Player:  Cam Cook