1493 to 1680

(94 possible exp)

1492 Columbus “discovers” the Americas while searching for a new route to the Indies; his discovery is made knowen to the Spanish court the following year.

1493 the Council of Thorns convenes in Silchester, England. The Anrach Revolt ends, and the Assamites are sujected by a Tremere ritual to end their practice of diablerie.

1495 Dracula forces the Tzimisce Lambach to embrace him.

1500 The beginning of the High Renaissance. Attacks in Spain and Transylvania against the Camarilla begin, and are attributed to a new sect named the Sabbat.

1512 Dracula destroys the Gangrel Arnuff.

1514 An antifeudal uprising spreads like wildfire across the voivodate. The resulting oppression will hinder the Magyar’s efforts to raise peasant troops in 1526. The Ottomans slowly surround the nation.

1517 Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses in Wittenberg.

1520-30 The Tremere gradually move from Ceoris to a new chantry in Vienna.

1526 Hungarian army routed in August of this year at the Battle of Mohacs. They lack the support of the common people, as the nobles are afraid to call them to arms. Transylvania is put under Ottoman vassalage.

1529 The Turks besiege Vienna. The seige ends in failure.

1532 The Prince by Machiavelli is published in Italy.

1541 Ferdinand of Habsburg attempts to take the vacant Hungarian throne. The Ottomans attack in response, taking control of Buda.

1550 In France, the Twilight Cult is formed.

1560 The Ventrue of Transylvania begin implementing a more rigid hierarchy in thier cities. This helps them maintain control during Sabbat Crusades and ferret out Sabbat spies. The practice quickly spreads to other Camarilla cities across Europe.

1566 The Ottoman sultan decrees that all Transylvanian princes must be approved by him after appointment by the Diet.

1595 Shakespear writes Romeo and Juliet.

1599 Michael the Brave unites Transylvania, Moldavia, and Tara Romaneasca under one rule for the first time. He revolts against the Turks.

1600 It becomes clear the Sabbat is losing its war against the Camarilla. Cities under Sabbat control fall on nearly every front, and Sabbat leaders begin fleeing to Scandinavia.

1601 Michale the Brave is assassinated. His union of the three Romanian contries quickly dissolves.

1618 The Thirty Years’ War begins. Gabirel Bethlen, Prince of Transylvania, fights against the Habsburgs during the conflict.

1632 Galileo Galilei is tried for heresy by the Roman Inquisition.

1650 Younger Sabbat start traveling to the New World in droves, trying to keep the Camarilla from gaining control of the Amreicas.

1659 Cheorghe Craciun begins a religion-inspired revolt that end dismally. The Turks tighten their control over Transylvania, and use it as a staging area for an attack on Vienna.

1660 the Sabbat begins reseraching and codifying what will one night become the Paths of Enlightenment.

1680 Current Year.