1413-1414 The Giovanni Purge reaches the East. Several notable Cappadocians are killed in Transylvania and the surrounding regions. Tales filter back across the continent of armies of spirits and beastmen attacking Cappadocians so that their essence might be consumed. No one truly believes that such a thing could happen.

1417 Mircea signs peace treaty with the Turks, allowing for Wallachian independence. Eastern Orthodoxy is formally accepted as the state religion. The ruler must pay a tribute of money and goods each year to the Ottoman Sultan.

1418 Mircea the Old dies after a 32-year rule. He is noted for adding the duchies of Amlas and Faragas, building fortifications along the Carpathian foothills, and attempting to repel the Turks.

Two noble lines, the Danesti(Descendants of Dan II) and Draculesti(Descendents of Vlad II) struggle for control of Wallachia. Vlad II has two sons, Radu and Vlad.

The anarch movement gains ground, and the vinculum comes into common use.

***I really wanna hear what you guys are doing about the pre-sabbat anarchs***

1420 Ottoman Turks successfully attack Transylvania.

1431 Vlad II is chosen by the Hungarian king to take the throne of Wallachia.

Joan of Arc burned at the stake.

1435 Founding of Camarilla

1437 After a crushed rebellion, Magyars, Szeklers, and Saxons are declared as the only races with legal privileges.

Overlords demand serfs to work one day week uncompensated, and 6 days uncompensated a week at harvest time.

Romanians are barred from holding public service or office and/or living in Saxon or Magyar towns.

1441 Janos Hunyadi assumes title of voivode of Transylvania. He then defeats the Turks at Alba Julia(Balgrad) and Hermanstadt

1443 Hunyadi defeats Turks at Nish.

1444 Army of knights defeated at Varna, Vlad Dracula blames Hunyadi.

1446 Hunyadi elected regent of Hungary.

1447 Alliance between Transylvania, Wallachia, and Moldavia grows stronger.

1448 Vlad Dracula, of the Basarab Dynasty, occupies Tirgoviste and the throne of Wallachia.

1453 Turks capture Constantinople

Covenant of Mistridge(but you guys wouldn't know about that)

1465 Rogue branch of Tremere seeks haven with the Anarchs.

1466 Janos Hunyadi dies after repelling Turks at Belgrade.

1467 Matthias Corvinus, son of Hunyadi, becomes king of Hungary. He is soon rebelled against by the Transylvanian Voivodes. Janos Szentzgyorgyi is made king.

As always, due to WW's sorry attempts at historical research, there are huge differences between the timelines in the first and second books, as well as large mistakes in the dates and lack of important ones. Do the best you can.