1330- Wallachia established as homeland for Vlachs.

1348-1349- Plague in Transylvania.

1349- Moldavia established

--The Tzimisce, Noriz, maneuvers for power in Moldavia

1366- Louis I tries to convert the Vlachs of Romania to Roman Catholocism

1381- Peasants in England revolt under Wat Tyler

--Wat's lover embraced, calls herself Tyler(prolly Brujah... i think i've heard that name used before, ~S)

1382- Turks capture Sofia

1391- Turks cross Danube into Wallachia, but are repelled from Hungary

1393- Turks subdue Bulgaria

1394- First Inter-clan meeting to deal with Anarchs(precursor to Camarilla)

1395- Tyler attacks a Ventrue Elder, beginning the Anarch revolt.

1405- Lasombra is sucked off by his Childe

1412- Joan of Arc born