1241, Mongols Invade Transylvania, withdrawing within a year due to death of the Khan.

1247-91, Transylvania repopulates from Mongol losses

1252, Inquisition begins use of torture

1260, Constantinople recovered from the Normans

1283, Teutonic Knights subjugate Prussia

1284, Mongols invade- Again

1288, Transylvanian nobles form their own legislature(or Diet) in Klausenburg(now called Cluj-Napoca). Serfs and Peasants tend to see their laws as more valid than the Diet's

By this time, guilds are strong in Eastern Europe. Money is a more common substitute for Barter

After the Diet forms, lords demand increased crop yields from the local serfs. When these quotas aren't met, many Szekler lords seize the debtors' lands and redistribute them. Some impoverished serfs flee the country or become outlaws.

1291, End of the Crusades, the Holy Land is lost

1301, Andrew III, last king of the Arpad line, dies

Land owning Boyars begin renting land to peasants

1307- Templars of France Arrested