Gimme: Everyone who got a princedom/voivodate add 1 status. Everyone else add 1 Clan Prestige background.


· 1204: Fall of Constantinople

· 1205: Pope Innocent III instigates the Fourth Crusade

1206: Genghis Khan becomes prince of the Mongols

· 1211: Teutonic Knights are brought to defend the Southern border of Hungary, inhabiting and developing Bran Castle. A cabal of knights is garrisoned in the Tihuta Pass tower, they develop an uneasy relationship with the strange arms merchant and the death warrioress. Eventually they set up a smaller fortification adjoining the tower in order to be free of the possessiveness of the Italians.

1223: Mongols invade Russia and begin their forays into Eastern Europe.

· 1225: Teutonic Knights are expelled from the Transylvanian region when they attempt to establish a state within a state. Natalia gains full control of Bran Castle, which is in her demesnes.

1241: Current Year.


The maturation experience will be based on this. There is 25 possible exp. for the current downtime. To get the full 25, write down at least one page about what your character is doing between 1198 and 1241. The dates marked with dots are the most important, and should be included. The point is to fully develop your character while creating a complete history to work off of. Those who don't have a prelude on their CS yet need to fill their sheets out on the back with this. For the bluebooks, include broad descriptions of what you are Trying to do, without changing the world. Example- "Grishnak increased the population tax in 1240, and is expecting a revolt at any time." is good; "Grishnak finds Ceoris, raises an army of Vorzhd and tears it down." is bad.


If you are dead set on upping your generation, give me a really good reason and I will try to run a private session in which you Try to commit amaranth. Remember, diablerie veins stay for quite some time and most characters will get a chance in game if they want it.

Fortune Paths

Choose 1 background(+1 for every 3 exp. spent) to focus on raising. You will then get a roll on the appropriate table. This reflects the character trying to improve their relationship to the world. Specific merits, like ties, can also be acquired this way, but must be cleared with me first.