Argentine "Tina" Elsbet laCroix Stockton

Rain's Bishop

The only child of a French-American entrepreneur, Argentine laCroix was born and raised in California's Silicon Valley.  As computers became more and more a part of America, the laCroix family became richer and richer.  Rebelling in her teenage years, Argentine began to dress in cast-offs and wear her hair in multicolored snippets.  Being quite attractive, she easily made her way into the growing "hacker" community, and did especially well with the computer tech that her father could give her.

Yet this could not last long.  As her teen-rebellion years came to a close and the FBI got ever closer to tracking down the elusive "Silver", Argentine was smart enough to change her image.  Becoming the bottle-blonde trendy-fashioned daughter that her parents had always hoped for, "Tina" laCroix was shipped off to a nice university where she did very well for herself, in that she was socially well-liked and managed to land Gerard Stockton, heir to the Stockton Steel and Petroleum company, based out of Seattle.

Now that Tina is "29 and holding" she has become wont to manipulate social circles the way she used to manipulate computer data.  She is currently childless, leaving her as the heir to two major corporations.  It was weird to find out that the young daughter of one of her college friends was now a demigod.  Whether anchordom will be good or bad for Tina is anyone's guess.


Strengths:  Socially gifted, wealthy, computer-adept

Weaknesses:  Secret criminal, penchant for rebellion, no direct control of money or freedom to move at Natalie's whim

Anchor Loyalties:  Analisel, Locus Analisel, Code of Heaven, Rain