The "Sisters"

Servants to the Nobilis

No one, save perhaps Analisel, is entirely certain of the origins of the sisters.  Each of them seems balanced on a knife's edge sanity, and each is touched by frequent dips into the prophetic insanity that Ana sometimes experiences.  These bouts are quite often triggered by questions of their past.  From dropped hints and clues, though, Vex has managed to puzzle out some factor of their origins.  The bodies that they currently inhabit are elemental constructs of rainwater and dead flesh, quite likely some of this from various of the dead that formed the chancel.  Whatever the case, this composition makes them oddly resistant to miracles.  They can still be directly targeted and seem to possess little to nothing in the way of Auctoritas, but periodically miracles just slough off of them with no effect, seemingly randomly.

Their mental composition is similar.  Apparently they are amalgam entities made from many individual personalities, all combined.  Yet there seems to be a dominant personality that goes with the name, and Major Realm divinations turn up that those names and personalities synch up with women from Greater Seattle that looked something like the bodies that they now inhabit.  The suspected identities of the "sisters" are listed in their individual descriptions.  Each of the sisters was present in the chancel on its creation, and Analisel gives no answers to deny or approve their existence.  They may be creations that still have a role to play, or they may be Banes that Ana is unwilling to deal with.  Time will tell.


Aide to Loneliness, Director of Education

Kirsten Baines was the daughter of the mayor of Greater Seattle.  As the enchancelment period began she crusaded tirelessly against the growing death toll, mobalizing police and ambulance crews to try to prevent more death.  She was beginning to have some level of success before she became one of the victims.  She walked out into the rain one night and simply dissolved before the eyes of onlookers.

If this was, indeed, the origin of the Lonely One who calls herself Kirsten, it is uncertain whether her new existence is a punishment for working against the chancel or an apologetic rebirth for initiatives taken.  Kirsten has taken over control of the education systems in the chancel, from the direction of the home-schooling programs and private tutors to management of the School of Falling Tears, the former University of Greater Seattle that now serves the chancel.

Kirsten never says a word unless she absolutely has to, then responds as briefly as possible.  When she is not carrying out her duties she can usually be found in the Cathedral of Loneliness, silently hovering over Kestral's shoulder, her presence serving to illustrate how even the company of others is not always a cure for being alone.

Besides her stewardship of the education system, Kirsten possesses the powers of a Lonely One, and her compositional abilities like her sisters.  Her power seems to be amazing speed and agility, as she seems to be able to perform any number of feats of quickness well enough to compete with an Exemplar.  This is most likely a gift of Aspect Movement.


Aide to Rain, Dame of the City Guard

Dana Gregory was the assistant warden at Seattle Penitentiary when a bolt of lightning fried the locks and released a number of serial killers back onto the rain-soaked streets.  Rather than pursue the criminals, she held the prison guards back for fear of losing any of them to the rain the way that others had been lost.  Instead she just watched as they fled, and locked down the rest of the cells.  There was a sense of poetic irony when, a week later, she was murdered on the way home by one of the killers that had broken loose.

Once again, this story makes it unclear whether a sister's existence is reward or punishment.  Whatever the case, Dana has found herself in charge of the police force in the city, and used this position to quickly recover and re-jail the remaining killers that had escaped.  In opposition to her apparent origin, she has proved to be exceptionally competent in charge of the guards, and crime in the city has been much lower than it was before it became a chancel.

Dana's voice grinds with the truth of her being.  Underneath the thin layer of rain-flesh she is purely granite, the most human looking of the city's sentient gargoyles.  This fact lends her a somewhat alien mindset, on top of her insanity, and she does not tolerate failure amongst the guards with anything but ferocious rage.  Like her sister, she does not talk a great deal, but she is no where near as laconic.

As a gargoyle, Dana has an entire suite of physical Aspect gifts that she can call upon, from enormous strength to tremendous endurance.  Though she has no wings to fly, she can climb and leap well enough to make up for it.  When Natalie is in the chancel, Dana makes certain to watch over her whenever she has time, and is also quite willing to leave the city on missions, unlike her sisters.


Aide to Inquisitiveness, Director of Magical and Scientific Research

Serene Macdiarmid was an aspiring actress who worked as a waitress.  She seems to have had nothing to do with the enchancelment process, and, in fact, does not  seem to have ever died like her sisters.  She is obviously now skilled in magic and composed of the same elements as her sisters, but there is no cause if she is who she seems to be.

She has performed an adequate job of being director of research for the city, but she spends most of her time off doing unknown things, and has managed to even cloak herself against Realm divinations on many of these excursions.  All of this is made up for by the fact that she is a great lover of cats, and quite good at giving Vex rubdowns.

Unlike her sisters she has no other non-compositional gifts, but is skilled in the city's magics.  She is, unlike them, quite talkative and interesting to be around, when one can find her.