Sarah "Kallandra" Macpherson

Locus Analisel's Governess

Intended to be death #47, Sarah is a plucky 17 year old goth from Seattle's middle class.  Somehow she managed to dodge a careening semi, tumble off an overpass without incident, swim in a raging river for five miles, avoid wild animals in the woods, disable a crazed killer, and avoid two seperate bolts of lightning on the way home.  She says it was her gymnasitcs training.

Figuring enough was enough, Sarah was spared her intended fate.  Ana kept an eye on her and tapped her for special duty later.  Her job is to be part-servant, part -guardian of Natalie and to watch out for Vex as well.  It's not exactly a fun job, but it puts her at the very upper echelons of the now-burgeoning goth community in Locus Analisel.