Herald Walford

The Herald of Lonliness

A year ago Dr. Walford, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Greater Seattle University, was passed over again for tenure.  Despite the decade of work he had put in, sacrificing personal life and family for his position, the 38 year old found himself an uniportant part of the university.  His papers pointing out the link between modern street cultures and the heretical cults of 1500s France, among other odd anthropologies, were overlooked and not respected.  Facing demotion to adjunct status he solved his problems in drinking.  Feeling especially depressed after a faculty New Year's party where he realized that he was without friends, Herald drove home with too much wine in his system.  The collision merely added to his problems.

Facing two counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, and a number of other charges, Herald spent three months in prison and indefinate drivers license suspension, due to a very good lawyer, and the complete loss of his job.  Facing life out of prison with all of his money lost to fines, injury was added to insult when on his day of release he was claimed by a newly empowered Kestral.

Since then Herald has led an interesting but poor life.  Holding a number of temp jobs, he inevitably finds himself being called out at a moment's notice.  And he is alone, always alone.


Strengths:  Smart, good at research, Doctor of Cultural Anthropology

Weaknesses:  Cant' drive legally, prone to self-destructive behavior, not strong in personality

Anchor Loyalties:  Analisel, Locus Analisel, Code of the Light, Lonliness