Connections of an Empowered Nature

The Familia of Sariel, Angel of Disease, Columns, Keys, and Glass

Ilse, newly empowered Pawn of Disease
Titan, giant, Power of Columns, code of the Wild
Sergei, ancient Power of Keys, code of the Dark
Sliver, Power of Glass, code of the Dark


The Familia of Michael, Angel of War, Swords, Horses, and Towers

Giselle, newly empowered Duchess of War, code of the Dark
Storm, newly empowered Power of Swords
Thunder, newly empowered Power of Horses
Rook, newly empowered Power of Towers


The Familia of Koavaok, Wildlord of Greed, Envy, Lust, and Wrath

Chancelled beneath Notre Dame, Paris, France

Radix Malorum - Power of Greed
Causa Jurgium - Power of Envy
Basis Liberorum - Power of Lust
Fons Caedis - Power of Wrath


The Familia of Theariel, Angel of Youth, Iron, and Medicine

Chancelled a few miles west of Athens, Greece, near an old shrine to Asclepius

Diaspora - Power of Youth
Sable - Power of Iron
Gregory - Power of Medicine


The Familia of Teuvik, Darklord of Rapine, Spoils, Slaughter, and Infernos

Chancelled north of Oslo, Norway, along the Rifkjarn Fjord

Sascha - Power of Rapine
Ravage - Power of Spoils
Olaf - Power of Slaughter
Janice - Power of Infernos


The Familia of The Madonna, Lightlady of Communion, Intercession, Icons, and Virginity

Chancelled in North Jerusalem, accessible via a portal in East Hollywood at the home of a similarly named singer

Dana Fitzpatrick - Power of Communion
Richard Coventry - Power of Intercession
Griffin Jenkins - Power of Icons
Topaz - Power of Virginity


The Familia of Suriamas, True God of Ivy, Summer, Raptors, Remembrance, Moths, and Transition*

Chancelled in Medralia, located deep in the cornfields of central Iowa, about 2 miles from Red Grange

Crackerjack - Power of Ivy
Amelia Erstwhile - Power of Summer
Brother to Eagles - Power of Raptors
Etienne Dumare - Power of Remembrance
Caleb Marsh - Power of Moths
Eve - Power of Transition


The Familia of Havoc, True God of Stage Magic

Chancelled in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada, beneath the Camelot casino and hotel

Tanith - Power of Legerdemain
Bob - Power of Trap Doors
Swarndt - Power of Misdirection
David - Power of "Beautiful Assistants"


The Familia of The Shadowed Lord, Fallen Angel of Truth, Justice, Suspense, and Secrets

Chancelled near a small mountain a few miles East of Worms, Bavaria

Eloh - Power of Truth
Malak - Power of Justice
Kyriota - Power of Suspense
Mercury - Power of Secrets

* Suriamas, Medralia, and the familia are all creations of Gareth Hanrahan for the Briar and Honeysuckle scenario.  No copyright infringement is intended.