Chaim Stewart

Rain's Knight

The second son of a well-off Jewish couple, Chaim was never a good kid.  As soon as he was able, he began to run away wheenver he found an opportunity.  He wanted to see the world.  What he saw were the bottom rungs of society, and he would remain amongst the homeless for days or weeks until his parents tracked him down and brought him home, again and again.

His time among these tribal organizations led him to try to recrete them.  A troop of white boys formed in the upper-class 'hood with Chaim as unquestioned leader.  Their gang never did much but terrorize young girls down the street, but that was enough to fill their growing testoterone needs.

Last summer, Chaim found that years of treating little Nat' poorly had made her quite unhappy.  He found himself experiencing a domination that a 14 year old shouldn't ever have to experience: subserviance to a young girl.  Oddly enough, this connection inspired him to appreciation of beauty.  He has enrolled in art classes and shows promise of becoming an excellent painter some day.


Strengths:  Leadership, street wisdom, survival instinct, courage

Weaknesses:  Youth, parental control

Anchor Loyalties:  Analisel, Locus Analisel, Code of Heaven, Rain