Benjamin Freeman

Rain's Rook

Though he puts on a facade of being an angry black man that dragged himself up from the streets, the truth of Bejamin Freeman is far different.  Born in the early 60s, Benjamin is the child of one of the first black congressmen from California.  His mother was a lawyer as well, so he grew up quite better off than he indicates.

After UCLA, Ben found out that his communications major was not half as useful as pretending to be an angry yet creative street-kid done good.  He eventually found work in various ad agencies, working his way up and starting his own, Sable Concepts Ltd., by the time he was 30.  As head of this advertising agency, he amassed wealth and power beyond many of his own age, much less his race.

 This summer he spent a week working all of his staff extra hard, layering on the stress in preparation for the summer's big movies and other releases.  He was to find that a young demigoddess valued her time with her father very much, and was now not at all happy.  Since being anchored, Ben has become even more creative and interested in beauty.  He has started working the fall of rain into any of his company's ads that it is at all reasonable for.


Strengths:  Political and financial clout, entrepreneureal abilities, physically fit with martial arts training, self-motivating

Weaknesses:  Lies, manipulates, unsympathetic to the needs of others

Anchor Loyalties:  Analisel, Locus Analisel, Code of Heaven, Rain