The Curious Lady Alone at the Heart of the Deluge

Imperator of Inquisitiveness, Lonliness, and Rain

Goth Angel

If prosaic history is to be believed then Analisel must have existed since the creation of humanity.  It is hard to imagine a human race before curiosity and before lonliness.  If anything of Genesis is to be believed then Analisel would have been the one who caused the Flood.  When put the question, Ana just smiles, inviting the questioner to make his own inquiries.

What is know about her is that, while she never enchanceled until just recently, Ana has been involved in human affairs for some time.  Especially her ties to the Romantic period, the period of Gothic novels and poetry, can be felt extremely well.  Some have found fragments of Byron's writing that refers to his Muse in such a way that it is obviously her.  That the Lonely Ones began appearing in that time and place is also telling.

For more than a century of mortal time, Analisel's role in the Valde Bellum was as spymistress for Heaven.  She had converted the Anglican Inquisition to her patronage, and turned them into a finely crafted machine of information-gathering to predict the movements of the Excrucians on Earth.  However, in 1999 the cult was turned by those that they had spent so long rooting out and reformed into enemies of creation.  They call themselves the Exquisition, but they are known amongst others as the Quislings.

Having quickly become a threat on a major scale, the Quislings used their training to gather information for the dark riders instead of against.  As their information made the Earthly war machine more and more powerful, it was agreed that something had to be done.  On the first day of the prosaic year 2002 Ana began the enchancelment process.  Some died in the growing rainstorms that the Greater Seattle citizens thought that they were used to.  Some died from wasting lonliness.  Others were driven to suicide by the growing numbers of Lonely Ones that entered the city.  On the 10th of April, Locus Analisel was formed and Seattle's downtown was left behind with a new bay where once had stood the greatest metropolis in the Northwest.

Forming the Chancel has had a strange effect on Ana, making her suffer long periods of less-than-lucidity where she speaks of things to come.  She seems often somehow surprised that others cannot see the future as well as she can, and thus makes strange demands because of it.  She was never known to have the gift of prophecy before she joined with the Realm.  Despite this she is still an inspiration.  After training her new Nobles she began the sleep so common to Imperators, yet she projects her consciousness into the Spirit World not to fight the Excrucians directly like other Imperators, but to use her influence to defeat her old cult and to gather intelligence on the enemy.

In her sleep the Lady mutters things of the future, and speaks of her chancel.  The coming darkness, the blood-stained glass, and the chalice that will make things so much easier.  When awake, questions are met by the customary smile.  Analisel, despite the harm that may come from inaction, would not be who she is if she just gave people the answers.

Description:  In her active expression, Ana seems to be a beautiful woman in her mid-twenties, short haired, very thin but still glowing with sexuality, emerald eyes staring knowingly from a woman clad in the most expensive black leather and lace.  When she relaxes and when she sleeps Analise becomes a more traditional idea of beauty, full figured, long of hair, dark eyes looking into the distance as her flowing black gown ripples with the motion of her pristine wings.  In both incarnations she is pale of skin and her hair seems completely black in direct light but turns silvery-white in the darkness.  Neither is her true form, however, as when she needs to travel incredibly quickly Analisel can become a thundering deluge, or merely the concepts of curiosity and lonliness passing from person to person.

In personality, Analisel in any of her expressions is laconic and soft-spoken, but each word that is given resonates with leadership and with power.  She watches interestedly when she has nothing else to say, and seems to be constantly alone even when surrounded by her familia.  When she speaks prophecy her words rush out in unexpected torrents, and afterwards her expectations of her Powers become far more stringent than usual.  Sometimes she looks somehow surprised after either event happens.

Principles:  For Analisel, her estates create several perceived truths of the Code of Heaven.  She believes that lonliness is necessary for the creation of true beauty, for only in being without companionship do sentients have the focus and the desire to make something worthwhile.  She believes that rain is a virtue, the gift of Heaven to the Earth, and does not understand those that dislike it.  She believes that inquiry is a sacrament, for only in posing questions and looking for the answers do mortals get closer to the divine sphere of perfect knowledge.

Current Properties and Dynasty Points as of Game Start:  10 Dynasty Points, Inspiring, Prophetic, Demanding, Corrupted Mystery Cult.

Other Known Statistics:  Analisel seems to be Respectful of the Lonely Ones, and will not support plans that involve attacking them even if they have caused problems.