Allesander Kent

Allesander of Kent was a contemporary of the Romantic poets, Byron and Shelley, and was amongst their circle of friends and hangers-on.  At this time he seems to have met Analisel, and become one of the Lonely Ones.  It is uncertain what he has done with himself in the last century before the formation of the Chancel, but he seems to not have lost Ana's favor, having been instilled as the Erus, though given a very small area of purview.  In Chancel day-to-day workings he oversees the magical inhabitants of the city to make sure that they do not become a threat.

Description:  Standing just under six feet tall, Allex is quite attractive in an emaciated way.  He speaks in a British accent that has become somewhat affected over the years, and dresses in monochrome as is the custom in the chancel.  His skin is incredibly pale where it is not exaggeratedly black, and it is uncertain just how much of this is makeup.

Abilities:  Allex has a keen mind and diplomatic skills.  Despite his age, he moves with grace and vigor.  As a Radient Erus he can perform divinations and ghost miracles of the Realm, can create anything up to a lesser destruction with effort, and could do nearly anything in the Realm if he ever saved up enough miraculous energy for a word of power.  In addition, he is immune to direct miracles, much like Nobles, and would gain the realm's protection of his existence were he ever physically attacked.  As a Lonely One for over a century, it is quite likely that he possesses other powers as well, but they have not yet been demonstrated.