VladMarquis Vladimir Illyovich Decados von Severus, "Vlad the Black Lion"

Appearance: On first seeing the Black Lion, many are taken aback. Could this tiny, slim man be one of the most terrifying leaders of the already terrible Jakovian Agency? This impression is dispelled when one hears his voice, deep and powerful like that of a man twice his height. The impression is shattered when one is caught in those eyes, the irises deep and dark like pools of inky shadow, pulling in all they survey. Physically unimpressive, nevertheless his presence is far more imposing than even that of much larger men.

In the minutia, Vlad is not much greater than five feet tall, and couldn't weigh much more than 100 pounds. He dresses in the Decados favored skintight black bodysuit which reveals that while he might be thin, every inch of flesh covers wiry, corded muscle. His spartan attire is only accented by a belt that holds sabre and blaster, and probably a few nasty tricks besides. The pale, almost corpselike, skin of his face shows off a bare few wrinkles to testify to his advancing age, as well as any number of well-healed scars that are only visible by the gaps they leave in his well-groomed beard. Perhaps the most physically impressive feature of the man is the towering mass of curly graying black hair that would obviously turn into a mane like his namesake were it not confined into a long ponytail by a simple leather thong.

Rumors: It is said that the Black Lion could easily be a count or duke by now, but is completely content at his middling level of official title. His real power is in his control over many facets of the sprawling Jakovian Agency. None is sure of his rank within that secretive organization, but if he does not control it, he certainly comes close. Given that some say that the Jakovians have become the true power behind the Decados since the Emperor Wars, Vlad's title of Marquis could merely be a placeholder until the time he crowns himself Prince or even Emperor.

Vlad is said to travel with mutants and psychics. His estate is in the deepest jungles of Severus protected by feral, man-eating Ascorbites. He traffics with demons, shares his bed with the Emperor's consort, is the dark father of many a heretic cult, and keeps the secrets to the fading of the suns tucked inside his belt. It is even said that he masterminded the murder of his own firstborn son to keep his secrets from being revealed.

Perhaps scariest of all, it is said that Vlad is merely the face-man for the even more powerful and vicious leaders of the Jakovians.