Secondary Threats

Don Isfahan Ruiza de los Santos de Estancia

The recently knighted dervish has spent the last several months in intense Shaidan training with the Duke Enrico and his new bride.  He is considered a high threat, but unlikely to pursue avenues against our operation due to the benign situation that he currently finds himself in.  Should this situation be disturbed, he would merit closer watching.


Dame Obelia Xanthippe ne Estancia

The new bride of Isfahan, Obelia is a very dangerous woman who participated on previous missions for and against the conspiracy that eventually made her a hero.  She would be a dangerous wild card, but, like her husband, she is currently occupied and considered to be little threat.

Fellow Marisa Elena de Aragon

It is unclear what the current standing of the Engineer Elena is, though it is believed that she is a very heavy threat to the the security of the operation.  However, her metal aberration seems to be much more powerful than that of Mr. Griffen, my sources indicate from observation, and she is much more in need of continued stay with their benefactors, so no current threat is assessed from her area.


Don Ricardo Valentin Eduardo de Hazat

The young knight might possibly have been recovering, but unfortunately he was assessed as too much of a threat to operations and was removed to a safer location.  I have not heard back from his captors on his status, but if he still lives he must be in very high security protection, because he is known to be quite dangerous, especially when armed with melee weaponry.  Yet, due to his almost psychotic inability to take responsibility, I suspect he is serving as a very interesting test subject.


Ah, the foolish Hazat... take a known criminal who obviously will be hunted for revealing information she was privaledged to have to the authorities, and then give her over to a house arrest on the testamony of a knight.  She might have even been headed down the road of redemption, but unfortunately the road to recovery must be aided by strong walls, which she was not privy to.  Her abduction, I am told, was quite easy, and even now she is taken to be examined to see if any of the expenses of her modification and training can be recovered through reprogramming, or if her sense of love has finally made her a complete loss to the organization.

Caradoc Eduardo de Hazat

Child of love but raised in anguish, it will be interesting to see in what way the young master develops.