Primary Threats

Chief An-hetep-f Griffen

What can one say about the man known to his friends as An?  The very fact that he has friends at all is of immediate interest, as the records from only a year ago show a completely self-centered, self-hating manipulator perfectly cosy in the role of noble financier.  It would not be at all surprising to discover that he had skimmed quite a good savings off of his noble clients.

Yet new information is quite the contrary; now he seems to be of a completely different personality.  This has apparently been the case since the large mistake last year of raiding the Hazat complex for information that led to them reaching the dark planet before their competition.  My sources say Mr. Griffen discovered quite a lot about himself, and also survived an explosion through methods unknown.  Records indicate that his sister, Elena of the Engineers, was on the mission as well, and they inevitably grew closer as a part of it.  Yet my other sources suspect he has found more than just brotherly love, and with the marriage of Obelia Xanthippe to Ruiza Estancia, that leaves only two possibilities, both nigh out of range, as to where this could be directed.

He made the mistake of deciding to work for the Hazat collective on their assignment, and so he was warned.  Hopefully he'll think better of it, but somehow I suspect not.


Brother Journeyman Tien Mactiernan

Ah, the one called Tien.  He seems to be from the Li Halen systems, but my sources say that he is one of the bastard children of Brother Alaris Mactiernan who almost allowed his fanatical views to result in the destruction of Vera Cruz's terraforming engine superstructure.  That was a bad choice of staffing there.

Tien himself is an enigma, since he does not appear to be from any of the prominent church sets, yet seems to get along well with all of them, studying with Orthodox, Brother Battle, and Eskatonic alike.  If I could find out what potentially heretical sect he came from that might make excellent bargaining material.

On his own he would be little of a threat, but he seems to have the ability to hold together the fractious group that is being formed by the Hazat, and showed several instances of prophecy that aided them on their last quest.  I will not try to eliminate him immediately, but I will definately keep an eye on him.


Dona Maria Fe Eduardo de Hazat

A delicate flower Maria Eduardo is not.  She has demonstrated time and again her own martial prowess in the realms of tactics and swordfighting; she is, after all, Hazat.  Recently her father has begun initiating a series of courtships with young nobles from other houses, perhaps finally seeing her of an age to marry and wanting to get her wed while she's still in the mind as a public hero and, thus, able to get a higher status of noble.

Yet she has rejected each of these suitors in turn, even ones that would seem to be an excellent match for the most tempermental and headstrong noblewoman.  This only reinforces my earlier theory.  I could, perhaps, maneuver her into a position of weakness, but it might be infinately more fun to dig up her dark little secrets and see what I can do with them.


Lt. Saburo Aren El-Sabeh

A very interesting character, one can say relatively little about Lt. Saburo.  A muster soldier, he has travelled quite a bit, and picked up no small amount of rivals, some of them to the point of being enemies.  One in particular springs to mind, and has direct bearing, but that will have to wait.  Not knowing how extensive his abilities truly are, I cannot speculate as to what level of threat he will present.  I suppose the best option is to treat this one cautiously but not to waste too many resources unless he proves himself to be a more extensive threat than the others.


Sir William Godfrey Hawkwood

Now this is a cause for worry.  Alexius' bloodhound spontaneously showing up here where he is least wanted.  I should have followed my instincts and made an effort to deal with this one before he became such a giant thorn in my side, and now I might well be too late.  How one man can present such an amazing annoyance I don't know, but sure enough I will figure out a way to make sure that he does not interfere in my plans again, and the method will be incredibly direct and, how is it said, with extreme prejudice.