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Excerpts from compiled persona documents:

Sir William Godfrey Hawkwood

Age: 29
Nationality:  Ravenna

Known Skills:  Godfrey is, first and foremost, a detective.  He displays investigative skills that are unsurpassed by any other known nobles, and by few others.  He has also demonstrated passing ability with other noble skills, such as swordplay and etiquette, but is not extremely proficient.

Known Weaknesses:  Like the character from an ancient Urth series, Godfrey seems uninterested in learning anything that does not apply directly to his skills as a detective.  He is known to occasionally pick up a seemingly unrelated area of knowledge, but inevitably this is something that he hopes will help him in the course of his work.  In situations not involving crime and punishment, Godfrey is likely to find himself unprepared and unhelpful.

Chief An-hetep-f Griffen of the Reeves

Age:  22
Nationality:  Aragon

Known Skills:  Mr. Griffen, being a Reeve Financier, displays a moderately above-average skill with money.  He is, in short, very good at skimming and interest rates, for himself, for his guild, and for his current employer.  Sadly, his skill as a money manager is limited by an apparent inability to properly compensate for values of less than hundreds of firebirds.  Inevitably, he becomes a favorite amongst beggars and wait-staff in whatever city he is staying.  Besides his skill as a banker, his other knowledges are limited and dilettante-esque.  NEW NOTE: Possible psychic.

Known Weaknesses:  "An" is a changed.  Cursory examination has revealed that he has vestigial wings and probably pheromones as well.  Sources indicate that this fact has left him feeling outcast from society, resulting in possible psychosis, or at least antisocial behavior.  He seems to be bonding with Maria Eduardo, and this relationship is the wildcard of his behavior.  As a physical note, he seems to suffer from very poor health, and has been seen to cough up blood on multiple occasions.  NEW NOTE: No longer has wings, possible trauma that awakened psi.

"Brother Journeyman" Tien Xuan Hai Dinh Mactiernan, Mendicant Monk

Age: 20
Nationality: Midian

Known Skills: Tien displays an above average skill with the martial arts, and a host of dilettante-level knowledges.  He is known to have studied with the Eskatonics, and is believed to be a theurgist.

Known Weaknesses:  Tien claims to be a Brother Journeyman, though his sect is unknown. It is likely that Tien is a heretic, or at the very least from an order disposessed of the church.  It has been discovered that his father was the heretic Brother Battle who recently attempted to destroy Vera Cruz, and was thwarted, partially by Tien.  Additionally, Tien displays a very minimal grasp of technology, and is thoroughly introverted and shy, displaying next-to-no ability at socializing.  While he knows a little about a lot of areas, he is only marginally likely to be able to apply any of this knowledge.

Dame Maria Fe Eduardo de Hazat

Age: 20
Nationality: Aragon

Known Skills:  Maria is one of the best weapon-fighters in her house, having bested all challengers in her age and weight class, including her brothers.  She has had the typical Hazat training, and has at least minor levels of skill in athletics, the arts, etiquette, leadership, oration, hardship tolerance, military tactics, and debate.  She is also known to be very charming, which led to her use as her father's diplomat on several occassions before her current series of missions.

Known Weaknesses:  Maria is a last child.  As her recent outbursts have shown, she is hot-headed to the extreme and in the midst of a late-teen rebellion against her father's treatment of her as a baby.  Though obviously not unskilled in social graces, her first response to insult is almost always to challenge someone to a duel.  Luckily, few are willing to risk insulting her.  She has a growing relationship with Anhetepf Griffen, which may make her vulnerable to outside stimuli.

Lieutenant Saburo Aren El-Sabeh of the Muster

Age: 26
Nationality: Aragon

Known Skills:  Saburo is a Muster bounty hunter.  As such, he has a wide variety of above-average skills in the areas of combat, investigation, tracking, and stealth.  He is also fairly intimidating, though perhaps overly inclined to try that tactic.  He is also a low-powered psychic.

Known Weaknesses:  Saburo has an entire list of minor psychoses.  He is known to take offense at nearly anything, care little for humanity at large, and be generally angry and hard to deal with.  Aside from these problems, he is also on the list of Decados outlaws, due to an incident some years back, and is hunted in several territories in Decados space.

Associate Lan Maningzhoue of the Apothecaries

Age: 29
Nationality: Grail

Known Skills:  Lan has an incredibly wide variety of biology and alchemical skills.  He is one of the better non-Church physicians.  He also has a wide variety of scientific knowledges in related fields.

Known Weaknesses:  Medicine is all that Lan knows.  He has never trained for or been involved in fighting, and has very few skills that are not related to the biology of living things.  He also seems to have a grudge against the Church for unknown issues that could be exploited.