Quotes of Elemental

Tom/Godfrey: ((but what if it's poisoned. can I borrow Asim?))
Adam/Saburo: ((No, you can't. He only eats unpoisoned food. Unpoisoned.))

Bill/Lan: ::Thinks all these people are sexy in a "cool to dissect" way. Nods politely.::

Lee/Tien: Lan. An. What brings us together here?
Bill/Lan: Hasty retreat.

Cam/Anhetepf: (( Oh yes, your monkey shall pay for your misgivings Saburo ;-) ))
Cam/Anhetepf: ((Tonight, he gets a BATH!!!))

Rob/Martel: :: makes an obscene gesture at the rat as it passes::
Lee/Tien: ::Looks closely at the gesture:::
Rob/Martel: ((it was pretty obscene))
Lee/Tien: Is that a warding?
Rob/Martel: ...you could...uh...yeah.
Lee/Tien: Show me that again?

Stephen(GM): [Morning] He smells like cheese.
Lee/Tien: ::Crosses himself, the name of the evil ones::
Rob/Martel: ((the evil ones are named cheese?!?))

Cam(in IM w/Stephen): OH SHIT, I FORGOT I CAN NINJA KICK. Can I still confuse?

Rob/Martel: c'mon man, word gets around, an I'm just lookin for a little hit man.
Cam: ((A midget assassin?))

Bill/Lan: Aww, man. Are they talking? ::hysterical:: That's really not cool!