Stone Hearts

The Doctrine of the Stone Heart

Our hearts are living flesh
They shrink with the fear of the future
They burn with the scorn of others
They tear with the losing of love
A heart turned to stone is protected
It cannot be squeezed by fear
It cannot be burned by scorn
It cannot be torn by rejection
A stone heart is solid, pristine, untouched
Yet a stone heart is limited
It cannot beat the time of our lives
It cannot surge with the flow of our passions
It cannot swell with the truth of our loves
A stone heart cannot be touched
And that is why it brings no joy
Life is loving others
Life is feeling passion
Life is fighting for each joyful breath against the beating seconds of the heart
A stone heart is the stone of the grave marker
A stone heart is a dead heart
Our hearts are living flesh
And thus a heart turned to stone is not alive


--Nothing done truly out of love will ever come to evil--