::a sheaf of yellowed parchment written on, notes style, in a firm and precise hand... much of it has been damaged by water and rot, but some is still visible::


Absolution- Danre
De Moley- Jamis
Grange- Gilgar
Iver- Siman
Pentateuch- Mine
Vera Cruz- Mine

::a few pages that are completely illegible which seem to contain a bunch of sigils and numerological signs that you've never seen before::

Tacean Frigorea (working name)

How interesting to find a planet that orbits beyond its system's gate. Though far from the system's star it may yet be made habitable by adding a superdense atmosphere. I think this will be my pet project while I deal with the mundane procedures on 707. The first engine will have to go at ::a half a page of arcane scribbling and numbers follows:: lat 550º34'32" ... long 124º12'89"... then i can work off planet

::more illegible pages except for the arcane squiggles and sigils::

...need to get Pegasus into storage before I have to hear another request for it. Under Zephyrus? ::another bunch of arcane scribbling:: Yes, that seems most auspicious. I'll key the undine to open to my genelock... move the scanner to the right eye...

::and a large chunk of burned and completely illegible pages::