The vision hammers at you with unprecedented force, driving you to your knees and making your head burn with its fury. Flashes of images blur in front of your eyes.

A winged vorox does battle with a giant black eagle. A huge butterfly emerges from its cocoon and flies upwards, but is unable to escape, battered by the two combatants. Two red hawks and a white merlin take off towards the melee, followed by a burgundy eagle and an egret with a black breast and red bill, yet they're unable to affect that giant combatants any more than a pebble affects a river.

You know that you could help, but you look down at your small mouse body and realize there's no way for you to reach them. Then you notice the white brute with huge wings reclining off to the side. If only you could talk him into carrying you.

Out of the corner of your vision you see a flicker as a giant egret made of silver flies under the aerial brawl, and a snake drops off of the black eagle onto its back. As the brute heads towards you, you realize that it might be a choice of saving the butterfly or stopping the snake.

As you turn back you find yourself in a narrow black hallway. Anhetepf walks forward, two birdmen parting as he spreads his wings and allowing you and Obelia entrance. You scurry to dials and flip switches but there just is not enough time.

As a digital chronometer reaches 0 you reach out to your friends as the explosion rocks your body, its searing force driving you unconcious.