The past week has been fairly rigorous. You've been given time to finish your business and put your affairs in order. After this followed a long period of training and briefing

Expecting a planet far out to have very little heat, and, from the size, less gravity, the engineers rigged up a warehouse with sub-zero temperatures and repulsor plates on low across the floor. You were all given hazat uniforms with the best insulations available, and told that this would be your standard clothing while on this mission. Contrary to the norm, the uniforms are very dark, mostly black with a dark crimson Hazat insignia on the back. They are form fitting to maximize heat containment, with pleated areas at the joints so as to not restrict movement. Dull steel pins on the breast indicate your affiliations and rank. Hoods and mouth covers attach, with radio mics for communication, and there are goggles to make sure that absolutely no heat is lost. They also come with oxygen respirators, but it's not likely to be necessary, or so your instructors say. Every day you have a several hour period where you're drilled in movement in a low-grav, frigid environment, which is a lot harder than you might expect, but you slowly become used to it.

On the subject of briefing, if nobody else did, Elena showed Doramos' notes to the Hazat. That was very helpful to them, and the current plan is that one team from each of 4 Hazat families (Bursandra abstaining, Rolas in charge of the ship, Estancia not counting) will take landers to various sites on the planet that seem to be technologically developed, looking for signs of 2nd republic tech. These caches will then be brought back to the ship only if they are considered valuable, as this is mainly an exploratory mission designed to find out what is available, where it is, and to make sure it's secure from opposing forces. Your team, sponsored by the Eduardos of course, will be setting down at the coordinates in the notes as that is the site most likely to have something useful, while the other 3 teams will canvas the planet as necessary. You will be taking a Hazat cruiser, well armed in case opposition is met. As the Eduardo delegation, Alexa will be coming with you as part of her deal with the family, and, in addition, a marine pilot will be appointed to ferry you down if a better solution cannot be determined. Since your group has brought back the gargoyle and the notes, you will be allowed to bring everyone, while the remaining groups are being limited to a half dozen or less.

It is now January 12, 5000, by the Imperial Calendar, and tonight you board the ship and prepare for your journey.