The Revelation of the Eye of Mihanoom

Delivered on Mt. Chur'reesh, Mid-July, 5004

I see your gargoyle, an Etyri of stone.
You are barred in your quest to greet allies.
If you have the gargoyle nearby, time stops.
You may proceed to speak, but your words must be good.

I see a small stone, heated by the mind.
You are confronted by a field of thoughts.
One touch of the stone consumes them.

Bound up in this fate: a crystal shard.
One needs it; another is defined by it.
When one comes, expect the other.

These three you know.
Their existence outlines your quests.
A fourth is why you are here now.

I see a box with numbers: B-836.
Those that hold it do not know its power.
If you prove your rights in the desert, you can walk in and take it.
But let the other three events pass first,
Else the sword must be given to those with greater right but lesser need.
And then all is lost.

The web of the stars vibrates with your quest.
The gargoyles have had their way with you.
The God has a plan, and you have become his instrument.
But the divine may only provide a shadowed glimpse of the future,
Lest all free will be stripped of mortals.
Even now you may walk away.
Even now you may fail.

Four ancient artifacts have come together by seeming chance and by following visions.
Their alignment is no coincidence.
A gargoyle of time,
A stone of mind,
A shard of spirit,
A stone of space;
Together they might make a mighty machine, when the need is great.

You have followed dim candlelight to get here.
You have stumbled, suffered much.
Some have lost their way, and their burden has fallen to you.
You have almost walked your hard path to the end.
Soon, the fates will trouble you no more, and you can rest;
One way or another.