The Doctrine of the Iron Fist

They will tell you that one must rule with a fist of iron

The reigns cannot slip if clenched in an iron fist
The people cannot be hurt if guarded by an iron fist
The foe cannot resist if assaulted by an iron fist

Yet a fist of iron is not a hand of flesh

The iron fist cannot caress a lover
The iron fist cannot feel the warmth of the fire
The iron fist cannot massage weary muscles
The iron fist cannot build with its own, inflexible fingers

A fist of iron may hold tight the reins, but cannot give them slack
A fist of iron may guard well those within, but so does a cage
A fist of iron may defeat all opposition, but it cannot chasten, only destroy

The fist of iron may seem to be unbeatable
But iron often breaks before it bends

Beware letting your fist become iron
Lest you lose life, love, and faith in the pursuit of vainglorious power


--When the ends are allowed to justify the means, evil is, inevitably, the result--