Woundhealer War Cry: "Shit!" Casts Sanctuary

Creed: "A wound of the flesh is a transitory thing. Take care that it does not become a wound of the spirit."

Mantra: "Though I may be broken, cut, torn, and burned, I shall be restored as long as my faith is pure."

Healing HandThe child of Earthmother and Oathbinder, she has existed in eternal youth and splendor for as long as mortal minds can reckon.  She is the dutiful child, loving of her parents, and precocious and wise beyond her years.  Possessed of a compassion for all things, she is a great originator of the arts of healing, bestowing magic and science upon those with the need to help and heal others.  Her manefestations are few and far between, though parents are fond of rewarding their children for good behavior by telling them that they seem to be possessed by Woundhealer that day.  Her priesthood is a college of doctors, as she encourages her followers to learn the mortal arts of healing as well as the divine.  Their cause is to travel the land and heal those in need.  They are allowed to charge a modest fee, enough to support themselves, but must help even those who cannot afford to pay.  However, the goddess is on the cusp of the era, and she is also about renewal.  Beings who have reached their allotted span, or are too evil to be allowed to continue, may be allowed to die, even aided, if that serves the greater good.  This is a great burden on many priests, and they often wonder if they have judged appropriately for their goddess.  Her symbol is a well-made bag filled with healing herbs that may be used by the bearer.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Healing, Prosperity, Protection, Water