Wildstalker War Cry: Various Howling

Creed: "Snuffle, snuffle, growl, snuffle"

Mantra: "Grrrroowwwwlll"

WildspearGod of the hunt and master of the challenge, he is the master of all natural animals in the lands.  Invoked before and after every hunt, it is his will that provides game and other meat to sit at the tables of the hungry.  Many see him as untamed and savage, but the learned know his intentions are only for the protection of all by following the cycles of life set forth by nature.  Priest of the god, as often Druids as Clerics, are entrusted with the safekeeping of the fauna to the Earthmother's flora.  Oftentimes, the predominantly male priesthood (though women are not barred as men are in the wooden church) makes a point of engaging in fertility rites with the priestesses of the Earthmother, sometimes leading to marriages and offspring favored by both gods.  Wildstalker manefests himself in any wild animal that he pleases, and when manefesting as a man he bears his favored spears.  His emblem among his priests is any of a variety of bones from an animal that they have felled themselves with no aid and only a spear as weapon.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Animal, Destruction, Strength, War