Soulforger War Cry: "Fire and Steel!"

Creed: "Life is the forge of the soul's iron, attempting to create the finest steel."

Mantra: "My soul is but raw metal, and hardship serves only to make it stronger."

Hammer of SoulsThe all-father, it was by his hammer that the life that sprung from the sun-goddess was crafted into the stuff of souls and distributed among the races.  Throughout history, he has distributed his knowledge and wisdom in the ways of crafts and smithing to the people, ever happy to inspire his followers to new innovation and use of the gifts that the gods have given them.  While the Dwarves perhaps revere him the most, all races find worship in his grace.  All that he requires of his priesthood is that they be crafters par-excellance, and he especially favors those who follow the arts of blacksmithing.  Every year his priest must create an item at the peak of their skill devoted to their god, rejoicing in his benevolence, though it can be functional in its own right.  His emblem and weapon is the forger's hammer, and all of his priests carry a hammer as both their symbol, their craft, and their weapon.

Alignment:  True Neutral

Domains:  Crafts, Healing, Strength, War

The Lay of SoulForger

(Translated from the traditional Dwarvish by Besalm Cragwalker)

Hammering in the darkness      stony walls, deep
Caverns in the earth,      grottoes of wondrous splendor,
The All-Father, pounding      forms from the formless,
Shaping by hand      his steel-stone works.

Magnificent in craft-works      he is who is
Soul-forger hight(1)      by the dvergr(2 and mithr. (3)
Mighty his thews 4) for the      doing of good works.
His back, like the      spanning of cold stone.

Beard of steely bristles      chin-chains,
Dangling like stone      spires, from his mighty
Mouth, font of booming      cavern-voice,
Massive, dark eyes      pools of wisdom seen.

For all of a long age,      Soul-forger
Did work in the      darkness, his only light from
The coals in his forge,       glowing with red
Like under-suns,      tiny red moons in the deep.

Lo, and it came to pass      Skydancer, the
Eye of the Heavens      did come to entreat of the
Father of All, seeking his      skill at all crafts
His hands' work      was her great need.

"Father of All, Dweller      in the Deep Earth,
Crafter of Forms,      Your keen skills are in need
Lo, I have made life from      my light's rays,
But it is without       form and grace and will."

"Aye, O You Who Sees      From on High,
I have seen it to be      as you say, I have seen
The myriad forms of your      boundless light.
Yet something else      there is that you need?"

"Not yet satisfied am I      with the work
I have begun, O      Forge-Firer, Hammer-Wielder.
I entreat you, who art       the Form-Giver
Make of my life       those who shall speak."

"It shall be as you wish,"      said the mighty
Forger-of-Souls      "I shall give shapes to all
That you have made      and they shall be made better."

The All-Father took his       mighty hammer
And struck a blow      resounding throughout
Over-world and the world      beneath, and with
That one blow, he      gave place to all under sky.

First made, the underkinds       Dwarves, Gnomes
All those whose       dwellings lie under the earth.
Next came the elf-kin      dwellers in trees
And the halfling kin      and their inconstant homes.

From the light that went      into dark places
The All-Father made      those who kept the dark inside
The orcs and dragons, hell      creatures, giants and
Ogres, all the savage      monstrous races, blasted forms.

From all that was left over       from forging the
Original souls,      the All-Father fashioned
His last work, humans      Made from all that
Had no other place      Men came to want all places.

"So it is done!" cried The      Dweller in Deep,
See my creations?       Forms, both Noble and Base
Speech I have given them      And hunger, and fire,
And taught to them      The many secrets of my skills."

And She Who Watches      From the Sky,
Looked down and      saw the work of the mighty
All-Father, and she saw      that it was good,
And she smiled to      look upon the world.

(1) Called, named.
(2) Dwarves.
(3) Men, humans.
(4) Physical strength, sometimes arms (as in "strength of arms).

Poem by A.Calton